Thanksgiving as a Kiwi

Thanksgiving is among us but not in New Zealand. Many people have asked if New Zealand celebrates Thanksgiving….the answer is no. So, this week actually feels like any other week but I do feel like there is something missing, the feeling of Thanksgiving. There are a few get togethers this week to mark the day but I have realized that Thanksgiving is more than turkey (which you can’t really find in NZ), stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Although there is nothing like a good Thanksgiving meal, especially made by my mother, but Thanksgiving is truly a feeling. I don’t know if I would have really pieced that together without having the lack of my usual friends and family. Thanksgiving truly is about the feeling of love and support. The feeling of being around your friends and family and you all being thankful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon you throughout the year. Or even if you are having a tough year it is just a day full of love and marks the beginning of the close to another year.

Life has been pretty busy the last couple of weeks for Garnett and I and it wasn’t until I saw a Friends episode about Thanksgiving did I stop and really take stock of what all I was going to be missing this week. First of all, Black Friday which I am not a huge fan of anyway because I end up shopping for myself more so than anyone else. In New Zealand Black Friday is Friday the 13th. Odd, isn’t it? Secondly, I am a huge fan of the Turkey Trot 8K that takes place the morning of Thanksgiving. It is a great way to start the holiday weekend and especially to see everyone running with their reindeer ears on. Thirdly, my sister burning her classic green bean casserole. How you can burn such a microwavable dish, I will never know. Lastly, the Clemson vs. Carolina game which this year promises to be another “W” in the Clemson column.
Even though I do feel a since of sadness as this week starts I cannot forget to be thankful for all the blessings I have here in New Zealand. Better yet, I am thankful just to have the opportunity to work and live here and take this journey. So, my goal for this Thursday is to go to some sort of “Thanksgiving get together” and be thankful for what I do have and to absorb kiwi love.
To my family and friends….you will all be on my list of things I am thankful for. This experience has truly made me cherish our relationship that much more. Thank you for your love and support as Garnett and I have embarked on this journey.

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