Because I knew You

As a traveler, and in life, you never know what door you might walk through or what turn you take that could change your life. In 2009, for just purely wanting to practice yoga in a hot room to be rescued from cold, windy Wellington, I walked into Hot Yoga New Zealand. It is 3 years later that I reflect on how that space became home to me and the people, my family.

This wonderful community encouraged and challenged me to always bring nothing less than my authenticity to the mat. It was in this process and through their actions that I learned how to let go and to be open to all possibilities; giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone to teach the art of yoga. I found my self in a new world away from my physical practice to something more expansive. This is a territory that I continue to grow with today, thus the phrase “yoga is a practice, not a destination.” I have been blessed to practice and teach yoga with truly inspiring people.

I realize that it is these simple decisions in life that lead you not only to the most amazing experiences but amazing people. I was truly honored to have met my NZ Family and can honestly say “because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” Thank you for opening your hearts to me. I am truly just a reflection…..Namaste.


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