Holy Tourist!!!!

Back in the saddle again of traveling…. My first day brought many realizations, such as I no longer live in NZ, I no longer have a home, and that my life will not have it’s usual daily schedule of “to-do’s.” This sent me in some what of a spin I must say. I am one who is always used to doing something and has a good idea of her goals for the day. It gives me a sense of purpose, achievement. What can I say, I love to get things done. In this respect I am getting coached by my husband, as the moment you say the word “vacation” he is already there and relaxed drinking a beer.

Also, I find myself a bit out of place amongst the tall buildings of Singapore searching for some green grass and space, like the land I left just yesterday. But today the Universe has reminded me many times of my place in this transition and with that, I can only laugh.

Holy Tourist! Throughout my first day in Singapore I have constantly been referred to as a tourist by the locals and have noticed how I have even gravitated to the Westerner’s restaurant hot spots. You know the ones…..for example in Singapore I did not see one Asian at breakfast and was surrounded by the typical tourist fashion wear. I tried to go with a cute sundress today but to no avail was still mixing in better with the out-of-towners than I was with the Asian Chic. I was also reminded of my tourist status as with all the walking today I remembered that Rainbow flip flops do not work for walking tourists, hence my 7 blisters on my feet. Lastly, I am reminded of my Holy Tourist status as I am in the shopping capital of Asia, I was still stuck buying things that were more utilitarian rather than chic.

As the day went on I embraced that I sit in the unknown and in the life of a traveler. I made some changes throughout the day such as eating lunch in an Asian sushi hot spot and even buying some local facial cleanser. Although, I was alarmed when the sales woman asked if I wanted it to make my skin whiter which is a custom for various Asians. In that respect, this Mexican will not change so I politely said no but not without triple asking to make sure I was not buying the cleanser that turned my face whiter. After living in the cold for the last 3 years I am headed in the other direction.

So today I embrace where I am in this journey and how it has already gotten me out of my comfort zone. I am letting go with no expectation other than to enjoy!


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