With Cambodia I Begin To Listen

A common question about this transition is “what next?” I was recently told a good quote from my husband as he read the book Quantum Warrior. The author discusses his 2-3 year sabbatical to contemplate his career and how he had no other plans but to listen because in taking time to listen we find our answers. His experience resonates with me as that is what I spent two 10-day Vipassana retreats doing this year; being silent with my ears wide open. And with that what clarity can come! Now I borrow his answer to the question, “what next?” I’m Listening.

The first leg of this trip has been about exploring Singapore while also de-stressing from work and the move from NZ. As we now progress to the second leg, and truth be told what I have been looking forward to the most on this trip, volunteering in Cambodia, I begin opening my ears.

I have always wanted to volunteer abroad and to be in a country where I can really get hands on with service. This will be the case as I work with orphans who have been rescued from a landfill…..yes, a working landfill. It seems very hard to believe but not much so after reading Curse Of Cambodia in preparation for our work there. An eye opening book that had me questioning my decision a time or two but I had to reflect back on why my heart has been called to do this in the first place, to serve.

I cannot begin to imagine my life over the next two weeks as I have never been to a third world country. This is where I fully begin to listen…..listen to those in need and listen to how I can open my heart so that I be of service. My yoga practice off the mat, if you will, as I commit myself fully to each moment in experiencing the lives of those very different from myself.

From one listening ear to another…..


One thought on “With Cambodia I Begin To Listen

  1. You go my friend!!
    What a beautiful and sincere demonstration of true listening. I am experiencing it on an other level, and yes it is sometimes challenging for ladies like us who absolutely LOVE stuffing our agenda like a turkey.
    This year is wrapping with all the incredible experiences in and out the mat, creatively, opened ears and eyes, calming down the ticking clock and taming the many beasts within. Dedication to the beauty that we love and return to a place of understanding.
    We learn, everyday, we laugh and experience – I can't wait to hear more about your new journey Kathy.

    Le gra asus asolas xox


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