My Mothership: Yoga And Detox

This trip has offered much variety from transition to service to exploration. Now I reach my Mothership of this trip, yoga and detoxing. This couldn’t come at a better time post sickness. I have practiced yoga in each country I have visited but it was not with the same consistency that I have been used to. My body, breath, and mind were really beginning to notice. Not to mention all the cooked food I have had to have. My acupuncturist and Chinese medicine friend, Sally, would be proud of me because she says from a Chinese medicine point of view, my body needs more warm, cooked food. Although I do see the benefits, this chica has missed the raw, natural food.

This detox has been nervously anticipated as I have never done a full specific detox routine as set by a professional. The purpose of this part of the trip was to experience a pure cleanse offered in a country known for their spa and detox routines. With the help of my Thai friend, Jirayu, I found Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand. I am partaking in a 3 day living (raw) foods detox. Over 3 days I experience a raw food lunch and dinner, 3 detox drinks/day, 2 shots of green juice/day, a few detoxing treatments that include massage and colonics (yes, it is plural not a typo), meditation, and yoga. All of this to help cleanse the mind and body…..right up my ally!

The food has been absolutely amazing! I have already purchased the cookbook and will share some recipes later. The food has offered much needed raw and natural nourishment to my body from all the rice and noodles throughout my travels. But this has thrown my body for a loop.

The first day of the detox was just fine and all roses. I thought, this is great! Then day 2 set in and I was tired, moody, agitated, and suffered from severe headaches at night. All signs that your body is detoxing. At this point, I am glad this is just 3 days. When I went into the town of Koh Samui, I felt like a zombie walking on the streets with no personality or zest for life. Not to mention trying to go through this with your partner who is addicted to food. I am still amazed we haven’t torn each others head off. We are making it through!

The yoga has been absolutely amazing! I have been so spoiled by the caliber of teachers in New Zealand that it has been tough to find something similar on my travels. What I have really missed is the heart and soul of the practice that brings it all together, leaving it more than just physical movement but a union of the mind, body, and soul. Absolute Sanctuary has come very close and my day 3 instructor, Kez, really helped get me out of this detox funk.

Even on day 1 my body was feeling very sluggish from just eating a few greens and the detox drinks. The yoga practices have been gentle and restorative to help accommodate the detox but on day 3 after my class I found the energy to do another. The practice was so engaging and what I have been missing that my body and mind switched from a lack of zeal to more energy and clarity than I have had in days. I felt my mind, body, and breath join together as it did in the beginning of my travels. This center has offered me the much needed peaceful space on this, at times, crazy journey. By coming to my Mothership of detox and yoga I received exactly what I needed to reconnect to me….to the heart and soul of it all…..


2 thoughts on “My Mothership: Yoga And Detox

  1. Yehhh, it sounds like an amazing programme you did! I am glad it turned out all OK… so where is your next destination Kathy? I have been reading your blog and feel as if I am traveling with you!


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