Sacred Choices

Everything we need is waiting for us, 
if we simply take the time to listen to our spirit.  
In the book Sacred Choices, Christel Nani uses the word Synchrodivinity to highlight the beauty of living in alignment with our spirit.  In yoga we call this our inner teacher, Atman.  It is that little voice inside you that yearns to do something different.  The voice that says, “what if I…..”  Yet there is the opposite of that voice, our limiting beliefs, that quickly tells us, “what are you thinking, you can’t do that!”  And we stop in our tracks and push the mute button on our spirit.  The good thing is our spirit, Atman, is resilient and never ceases.  Our light always wants a chance to shine and will keep giving us signs of those Synchrodivinity moments where we can bring true alignment, thus authenticity, into our lives.  As Christel Nani puts it, we are called to make a Sacred Choice to listen to our spirit and let go of those limiting beliefs.    
Along my journeys, I have mentioned that I have been listening, with no sense of expectation, just ears wide open.  It is much easier said than done.  It is tough to take time to listen.  And, I even contemplated, how does one actually “listen?”  Returning to the US has offered a mix of emotions from happy and glad to be here to facing somethings that need a personal sense of closure.  Rather than listening, I have found myself escaping and reverting to my dear friend, “action mode.”  My to-do list have been taking over and thoughts of starting a life here have begun to plague my every attempt to listen.  And with thoughts swirling in my head, in combination with urgent action, I have created the recipe for my limiting beliefs, keeping me from a Sacred Choice.   
I realize this is all part of the process, learning the art of listening while also living.  Being aware that there is a Sacred Choice in the simplicity of a moment, a breath.  Mind you, it is wonderful if you have a chance to do a retreat that is dedicated to listening.  That really helps those of us that tend to keep our to-do lists in play.  Still, it is about the art of connecting to the opportunity in each moment to align ourselves with our spirit.  Paolo Coelho calls it stopping to look at the horizon, meaning taking your gaze from what is right in front of you to all the possibilities that are around you.  Our Atman is always sending us alerts, we are just too busy to notice.   
The thought of listening can feel scary and unfamiliar, as we might be timid to make the Sacred Choice to listen to our spirit.  Who knows where it could lead us?  It creates a sense of vulnerability….Am I creating another limiting belief here?… Regardless, I am thankful for this time of listening and the lessons I am learning in balancing quiet time and action.  Although it does leave me in an unfamiliar place within myself in a country that used to be familiar but now not so much, I welcome the liberation quietness brings because from vulnerability with arise strength.  And that is my Sacred Choice.  

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