Spirit of Greatness

There is a quote that I found while hiking in a cave of rocks in Topanga State Park in California that says “Wonder In Beauty.”  Today I wondered in the beauty of inspiration.  While visiting the US Olympic Training Complex and the United States Air Force Academy, I witnessed individual dreams coming true.  Is there something more beautiful?  Men and women who dreamed of being something bigger than themselves and with courage put their heart on the line thus awaking their Spirit of Greatness.   
In the US Strength and Conditioning Facility, I was fascinated to see what the human body could do.  The movement of the each muscle intrigued me.  How flawless the communication between each neuron must be in order to create the motions for this supreme athlete to perform.  Yet, as I took a closer and past the physical movements, I noticed the focus, the drive, and the determination in the eyes of the athlete.  The sense of focus is palpable, as is the aura of greatness of the past athletes who have trained there such as Dara Torres and Michael Phelps.  You are humbled as you honor the moment as being a guest in the home of those who are putting their heart, soul, and sweat out there to achieve their dreams.
As I wondered further with inspiration today, I visited the United States Air Force Academy (AFA).  One of the 5 military universities that only takes the “best of the best “17 – 23 year olds who are not only interested in studying at a college level but also have a desire to learn how to serve their country at the same time.  As with the other military universities, AFA not only takes the brightest kids but also those who are physically fit and exemplify leadership potential by being in various clubs in high school.   Walking on the campus you can feel the focus of the cadets and are in awe of their desire to serve.  Each of them attending AFA for a unique reason while overall connecting to the greatness of serving others for a reason bigger than themselves.  What makes this so amazing is their awareness of their purpose in life.    
Though on different paths, we can all relate to the Spirit of Greatness that lies within each of us, that essence that calls us to live for something bigger than ourselves.  The US Olympic athletes and AFA cadets are an inspiration because they dared to Dream Big.  They remind us of that Spirit of Greatness that lies within everyone, although at times dormant.  It makes us aware of the power of witnessing such inspiration as it deepens the observer’s connection to his/her higher purpose.  
And if these athletes and cadets dare to put their heart, soul, reputation, and sometimes their finances on the line in order to have their dream, what can I do to learn from their example.  What actions can I take?  Can you take? 
Wondering in the Spirit of Greatness…… 


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