A Course in Miracles: Lesson 9

Lesson 9

I see nothing as it is now.

I am reminded today of a physics lesson.  I remember learning about vibrations, wavelengths, and the movement of particles.  My teacher talked about the vibration of a desk and the wavelength between the particles.  If an object appeared to be more solid, like a desk, then the particles were moving more rapidly and hitting against one another and thus we see the tight structure known as a desk.  I remember this lesson was both easy and tough for my brain to understand.  I could see how the rapid movement of particles could make something appear more dense but I wondered why I couldn’t see those particles moving?  Why couldn’t I see beyond the result of the rapid vibration?  I wanted to open up a desk and dissect it until I could see these particles my teacher was talking about.  I realize this began my quest for True Sight.

I recognize that “I see nothing as it is now” because often what I see is laced in a past conditioning, as previous lessons have demonstrated.  Today, I acknowledge that my vision has been that of conditioning.  I have been told what a door is so I look at a supposed door and say that is a door. I do the same with everything I have a name for in life.  I find it interesting when we have new words and inventions come into our culture and to watch our programming unfold the same as in the beginning of time when the table was agreed upon to be a table.  Think of items such Facebook, texting, cell phones.  All beautiful inventions but look closer at how someone told us that this website is where you can connect to all sorts of family and friends, market your business, say what you are doing at this very moment, etc, and we call it Facebook.  And we, the consumer, said okay, it is Facebook.  Thus, what we see as Facebook is nothing as it is now because we labeled it, given it an experience, and gone into agreement with it in regards to its function and worth.  That sort of conditioning of the mind does happen that quickly.  Because that happens so quickly and readily it can be tough to look through our conditioning and question if something truly is as it seems to be.

“It is difficult for the untrained mind to believe that what is seems to picture is not there (ACIM Lesson 9 2:1).”

Luckily, today, we are continuing our journey in untraining the mind.  During the practice periods we open our minds to the possibility that we do not know what anything is or what it is for.  We open our hearts and allow correction to come.  Even if the full understanding doesn’t happen today, just the willingness to let correction come to the mind is all that one needs on the path towards liberation.

“Each small step will clear a little of the darkness away, and understanding will finally come to lighten every corner of the mind that has been cleared of the debris that darkens it (ACIM Lesson 9 2:5).”

Step into studenthood and let the mind be taught correctly, as to fully see all the beauty and splendor you were created to witness in this world.  Like an avid student, be curious.  Let curiosity lead today’s lesson and watch how any resistance melts away.

I think back to that student in physics class wanting to be shown the little particles that make up a desk, looking so hard with her eyes.  And with such determination still not seeing anything.  One can never fully see with straining eyes but rather only with a soft gaze.  Today, greet each practice period with expectant, soft eyes and an openness to allowing unknowing to unfold, so as to be shown what is truly in front of you; Nothing.  Let nothingness show you our ALLness.



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