A Course in Miracles: Lesson 13

Lesson 13

A meaningless world engenders fear.  

Today’s lesson calls upon our ability to perceive and observe our desire to do so.  As we have been introduced to the blank space that lies within the mind and the meaningless world we see, it is tough to for our eyes to see that there is nothing there.  Even saying that there is nothing there states that there is still something there, nothingness.

We are asked to merely recognize our tendency to still label something as nothing or meaningless.  To go even deeper, we are asked to contemplate the battle in which to feel this space,

“It represents a situation in which God and the “ego” challenge each other as to whose meaning is to be written in the empty space that meaningless provides (ACIM Lesson 13 2:2).”

This statement points to the habit of needing to think all the time, to label, and to give purpose to everything.  This has been the safety net.  If we “think” what we know what something is or is for, the ego feels warm and cozy.  But not that it is being integrated into a new territory where there are no labels, only the open spaciousness of a blank canvas, the ego wants to rush in and fill the space order to feel safe again.  The unknown is always threatening to an ego that believes it must always armor itself and be alert and ready.  The ego is always ready for battle and that is the resistance of fear we feel today.

“The ego rushes in frantically to establish its own ideas there, fearful that the void may otherwise e used to demonstrate its own impotence and reality (ACIM Lesson 13 2:3).”

We also recognize that we believe there are two sides:  God and the ego.  And those two sides are battling for our mind.  This is another game the ego wants to play to keep its hold on your mind.  Another way of stating this when you exercise your will rather than trust in the Will of God.  There is no battle, only a choice where you believe you now better thus the ego rushes in and fills the mind.  Thus, we are shown in contemplating today’s idea that not only are we afraid of the empty space but also that we may have some fear around our relationship with God.  It is important not to dwell on the later during our practice periods today as today is merely recognize the fear that does arise in a meaningless world.

“A meaningless world engenders fear because I think I am in competition with God (ACIM Lesson 13 5:7).” 

Take courage in today’s practice period.  There is nothing to be afraid of, as this exercise, nor the world you see, can harm you.  As we learned from yesterday, if nothing is there, what is there to harm you?  Today we merely let any fear rise and pass away knowing that it is just like a cloud in the sky that drifts by.  Maybe the cloud of fear moves slowly or quick but either way, it never stays.  There is no wrath that will be bestowed upon you nor a real battle over your Reality.  It is merely an exercise in recognizing fear, what we are truly afraid of, and how that presents itself in what we think, see, and feel.  Awareness is the order of the day.



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