A Course in Miracles: Lesson 14

Lesson 14

God did not create a meaningless world. 

Today’s lesson leaves me saying, “Thank God,” as we review the horrors of our mind during the practice periods.  Although fear and pain may come up with the thoughts that cross the mind there is a sense of solid comfort and peace that follows.  What is there to fear if nothing is really there?  I heard a quote recently,

“It’s hard to fear something if you turn around and face it.”  -Unknown

This statement is very true.  Often we fear the hypothetical and once we actually sit and face it, in meditation or the practice periods, we realize it isn’t real.  It is only an image we created, which is meaningless, remember?  But this does take time to correct the mind to recognizing that this so.  We have been so programmed to react to the images of the mind that, once again, we pause and allow for correction to come, for the Word of God to appear.

Today we are introduced to the difference between that which God creates and what we create.  What we create are the thoughts of horror that we examine today, to only say, “God did not create______, and so it is not real.”  This statement has the potential to bring much relief to the one who examines, which can also be called salvation.  It is a blessing that is bestowed upon us if we have the courage to welcome the revelation,

“What God did not create does not exist (Lesson 14 1:2).”

Correction plants deeper and deeper into the soil of our mind and the Word of God is guaranteed to blossom.  With this surgery of the ego, that are the practice periods, our vision of Reality is welcomed before us.  With the courage and bravery we have today, we are sure to succeed in our goal, awakening.

Being attacked, a victim, killed, or part of a disaster are no longer things that can harm us or the ones we love.  Even as we watch atrocities on television, we too recognize that this is the creation of man, not of God.  How can this be so?  More will come of this in lessons to come but for now, just sit in the possibility that the horrors that you think and see are all you-made and manmade.  Responsibility is once more the order of the day.

Today’s walk in miracles shows us our innocence and salvation.  Can you see the innocence in yourself and those around you?  This welcomes Sacred Sight that is born of the Word of God.  A vision that is your birthright as a Child of God.  Then, truly, what is there to fear?

“Some of them will lead you directly into fear. You will not be left there.  You will go far beyond it.  Our direction is toward perfect safety and perfect peace (ACIM Lesson 14 3:3-6).”

Rest safely in the arms of the Creator today and be glad that what you see is not damned or eternal.  As you are peacefully comforted that there is a Reality far beyond your sight that you are soon to see.  God is Love and only creates Love.  That is what awaits you.

In Loving Arms.  Namaste.


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