A Course in Miracles: Lesson 15

Lesson 15

My thoughts are images that I have made.  

Today’s lesson begins with the most confusing statement the Course has to offer:

“It is because the thoughts you think you think appear as images that you do not recognize them as nothing.  You think you think them, and so you think you see them. This is how ‘seeing’ was made (ACIM Lesson 15 1:1-3).”

Let’s make this a bit more palatable.  It all goes back to what we mentioned in Lesson 11, “believing is seeing.”  You believe your thoughts are real, thus you also believe what is in front of you is real.  Today, we begin to no longer look outside of ourselves to view reality but we look within to retrain the eyes to see Reality.

In my experience with the Course and other spiritual teachings, this concept of our thoughts creating the images we see, could be interpreted as a lesson in manifestation.  Manifestation has it’s purpose in the spiritual journey and is somewhat of a required course as it teaches us the power we hold and it shows us how we can all be magicians when we apply a little bit of focus and intention.  But this is not today’s purpose nor is it the goal of walking in miracles.  What we truly desire is something much deeper than manifesting a new job, house, partner, lover, shoes, weight loss, etc.  If you get caught up in manifesting, you will find that you continue to search and search because nothing of this physical realm could ever give you what you are truly looking for:  Love.

Thus, today’s practice periods begin to open our eyes to a Truth that is much more profound and magical than anything manifestation can create.  Don’t get me wrong, as you live in Truth, you do manifest many wonderful things.  We were created in the Creators likeness, so we naturally create.  But it is not the purpose, rather, it is a byproduct.

Introduced to us today is a potential experience of Sacred Sight.  This is very encouraging.  For those who have experienced some existential episodes will understand how beautiful and meaningful this is.  And even if one has not witnessed such sight, she will be pleasantly surprised as to what is to come.  Everyone experiences this very differently,

“As you go along, you may have many ‘light episodes.”  They may take many different forms, some of them quite unexpected.  Do not be afraid of them.  They are signs that you are opening your eyes at last (ACIM Lesson 15 3:1-4).”

Some people see auras or colors around people, some hear music, some hear voices, some smell certain things, some feel vibrations in their body.  It all depends on how our body lets us know we are experiencing Truth and each body is different in this.

The body is a beautiful, fine tuned communication device that is trying to help us decode the messages we are receiving from the Divine.  It is a fine art and practice, one that the Course leads us into today.  Although the Course does not come right out and say it in today’s lesson, we are opening ourselves up to our clairvoyant abilities.  We all have the ability to channel the future, past lives, present situation, communicate with beings that are unseen, and many more superpowers.  Take for example the practice of psychometry.  Psychometry is the ability to touch an object from another person and perceive valid information for the other person.

Recently, I was in an energy workshop where a partner, who knew nothing about me, and I were practicing our psychometry abilities.  I handed her an object that I held with habitual frequency, my car keys.  She sat across from me, closed her eyes, took some deep breaths, and began to tell me things she was seeing, hearing, smelling, or sensing from my object.  She told me that the car was not mine; it wasn’t.  She told me that this car and I had taken many trips together; we had.  She saw an ocean; I had recently taken this car on a camping trip where I could drive on a deserted beach and camped there right in front of the ocean.  I was amazed with her talent and throughout this entire weekend as our group opened up our channels, I started to realize that we are all transmediums.  We are all radio receivers that are constantly tuning into various frequencies, albeit not positive energy most of the time.

Through my channel of communication, I have been shown more and more how we know everything we absolutely need to know if we only tune in and make sure when we do that we tune up(ward) to the Divine.  More often, we tune into W-EGO instead of WLUV.  When we tune into W-EGO, we turn into crazy people focused on drama after drama and living life in a reactive, protect thy self mode, sort of state.  But when we tune into WLUV, all channels open up and we receive the most heavenly messages about ourselves and those around us.  The Truth shines forward and the way is enlightened.

Today’s lesson prepares the way for what is to come.  Some call it moving from living in a 3 dimensional world to that of a 5 dimensional world, a world beyond the five senses.

“These exercises will not reveal knowledge to you.  But they will prepare the way to it (Lesson 15 3:6-7).”

Once more, this is all about unwinding the mind.  Reversing our thinking.  Reversing what we think is real.  Some are lucky to receive flashes of information or visions without any effort.  I like to think those are moments when another world wants to give us a little nudge or preview encourage our search for the Truth.  What today’s lesson offers us is the ability to clear the mind to make way for this communication to be possible on a consistent basis.

To be honest, I have found that my most profound revelations or visions come outside of the lessons and it is because I have done the work to expand my mind which extends beyond the practice periods into daily life, even if I realize it or not.  Today we expand our consciousness to accept that what we see, we have made, so that we can welcome what is Real.

“You can be certain that real vision will come quickly when this has occurred (ACIM Lesson 15 2:4).”

There is no better time than the present to welcome Truth.  To release the chains of the outer world that we believe holds us captive and to take part in the Love Revolution that is sweeping our globe.  It is not about waiting for our outer world to reflect love to us and then we start to love.  We must love first.  We are creators, right?  Our thoughts are the cause and the world we experience is our effect.  This is truly about living inside out.  And there is no better way to live because you wait on absolutely nothing, only Yourself.

Waiting on You.  Waiting on Me.



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