A Course in Miracles: Lesson 28

Lesson 28

Above all else I want to see things differently.

At first glance, today’s practice periods could seem rather mundane and boring.  However, much power lies in the phrase “see things differently,” when added to yesterday’s statement, “Above all else I want to see (Lesson 27).”  We become more specific with our commitment to sight.  Or shall I say, we become more committed to letting go of our preconceived labels and judgments that we put on things, even things that seem mundane.

I love how the course continues to use such examples as a table or chair.  Things that seem “ordinary” that we may not be so attached to and could easily give up it’s meaning.  But that is the brilliance of this example, to no longer see things as separately ordinary or extraordinary but with fresh and new eyes, connecting the universal truth that binds us all together.  To understand that we have way more in common than not.

“When you have seen one thing differently, you will see all things differently.  The light you will see in any one of them is the same light you will see in all of them (ACIM Lesson 28 2:7-8).”

Nothing is exempt from our dismantling, as what is being shown to us is the universality in which we all share.  The same power of sight that is in what we call a table or chair is the same power of sight that is in all things, even ourselves.  With this potential, our minds become more and more open.  Expansion is happening!  If want to see the limitlessness of the universe we must be willing to let go of the limits that we create by labeling such things.

“You are not defining it in past terms.  You are asking it what it is, rather than telling it what it is.  You are not binding its meaning to you tiny experience of tables, nor are you limiting its purpose to you little personal thoughts (ACIM Lesson 28 3:2-4).”

Today, we are aware of our arrogance that we think we know what something is and what it is for.  This is true unlearning and can only happen by slowing down and beginning to humbly question such arrogance.  Today, we are asked to question, question what we have already defined in order for it’s true meaning to be revealed.  This is the power of such a practice, to fully see the judgements and labels that we need to let go of.

“You will not question what you have already defined.  And the purpose of these exercises is to ask questions and receive answers (ACIM Lesson 28 4:1-2).”

As we stated yesterday, if we come to look at our world with fresh eyes, with the eyes of a child, what would we really see?  We are trying to get back to the innocent mind before we were conditioned by the limits that were placed on the world by society and even language.  What was truly there before you learned the name of an object?

“Hidden under all your ideas about [the table] is its real purpose, the purpose it shares with the universe…In using the table as a subject for applying the idea for today, you are therefore really asking to see the purpose of the universe (ACIM Lesson 28 5:3, 6:1).”

Our willingness is very important today.  Our willingness to let go and be open to real purpose, allowing Truth to be revealed to you.  There really is no reason not to when all that we will be shown is the radiant beauty of all things created.  There is only more insight to be gained in this next step we take together.  And it is a beautiful step.

“It has something to show you; something beautiful and clean and of infinite value, full of happiness and hope (ACIM Lesson 28 5:2).”

Let us walk together in beauty.  Namaste.


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