A Course in Miracles: Lesson 30

Lesson 30

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind. 

Begin Within

Today brings a certain feeling of softness.  A softness that can only come from knowing The One Comforter is in my mind and so must She be in everything I look upon.  When I live from my Truth, from the God within, roots of love spring forth from me and touch all that I see.  With a mind full of God, what can I fear?  What could ever bring me harm?  What could I ever lack?  If you truly feel into those questions from the God within, your response will always be, “nothing.”

Notice how today’s lesson doesn’t tell us that we must, first, put God in our minds.  We are merely reminded that God is already within and to just look at our world from the inside out.  Please pay attend to the word “reminded,” as nothing has been added to us for this vision to take place.  We are remembering to recognize what has been there all along.

When you are thinking with the Miracle Mind, you can look upon anything and say “God is in that, too.”

An apple?  God is in that, too.

A song?  God is in that, too.

The election?  Yep, God is in that, too.

A colleague that I don’t fully agree with?  God is in him/her, too.

A movie?  God is in that, too.

As you see God all around you, because you recognize God is within you, you will notice this eloquent conversation happening with your new vision.  God is always speaking to you in various ways.  This could be through another person, through the blooming of a flower, through a song on the radio.  God may even be speaking to you though bumper stickers you see while you are transporting here and there.  You see, you are always in constant conversation with the Divine, but you must be willing to be aware of the conversation and recognize the divinity in all things.

Now, one may not fully understand how God can be in certain things such as tragedy or destruction but if we are steadfast in exercising our faith, we know that God is present doing Her magic because she is in my Mind doing Her magic.  Although the outside may not look so pretty, there is a beauty at work.  Also, recall Lesson 25, “I do not know what anything is for,” as we do not truly know the purpose of any event or, what seems like, a catastrophe.

Today’s practice is so potent that you can even close your eyes and think of things and recognize that God is in those images too.  You do not have to go anywhere nor must one person or specific item be in front of you for this to work.  Today’ statement shows us how all space and time can be transcended by the power of the Miracle Mind.

“Real vision is not only unlimited by space and distance, but it does not depend on the body’s eyes at all.  The mind is its only source (ACIM Lesson 30 5:1-2).”

Awakening is an inside job which means it is the caretaker of the inside is who must be willing to do with work.  If you are wondering who that is, it is you.  The life you want to live, the peace you want to see in the world, the love you want to receive, it all begins with you.

Today, you will be greeted by God everywhere.  God is no longer some idea in the sky, above the clouds, but God is walking amongst you, with you, and within you, always and in all ways.  No longer must we say in angst, “God, where are you?”  Just look within to see Her with out.

“From this idea will the world open up before you, and you will look upon it and see in it what you have never seen before (ACIM Lesson 30 1:1).”

The vision you long for, the vision you have requested, is closer than your breath.  Enjoy the view of the world today.  Has it ever been so beautiful and full of light?


Let Peace Begin With Me


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