A Course in Miracles: Lesson 38

Lesson 38

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

The key words for today are “my holiness.”  Can you fully take in those words?  Can you fully trust those words?  Can you fully own those words?  In order for you to see the gift given today, it is important that you understand that you are worthy of this holiness and this power,

“There is nothing my holiness cannot do (ACIM Lesson 38).”

Yes, your holiness.  It is true your neighbor has her holiness, and your friend, and your relatives, etc.  But today, it is about claiming your Divine holiness for yourself.  You are more than worthy of your holiness and the power which comes with it.  Today, you are asked to stand in your dominion, your rightful place, and in your power, claiming your birthright.  Of course, the ego will answer first and say “Of course I am this powerful.  Of course, I claim this, hell yeah, it’s about time I got recognized.”  To me, my ego often sounds a little gangsta, as though it has been sitting on the couch in some bagging jeans with a sideways ball cap, drinking a 40 just waiting for the recognition she is due.  We each have our own flavor of ego, this is just how I envision mine.  I state this because as we move closer and closer to claiming more of Who and What we are, it is important to distinguish between ego and Spirit.

Getting to know yourself this intimately can be really fun.  It is fun getting to know all the facets of your monkey mind and deciphering, for yourself, where the voice of Spirit lies.  It is also interesting to observe how the ego will devise any plan to maintain its territory in your mind.  Yet when it comes to claiming our Divinity, I like to call it egoic arrogance versus humble arrogance.  Your holiness is arrogant but much more humble than hanging around waiting for her due.  There is a different feel between the two as well.  In my personal observations with ego, I find that she comes across a little stressed out, driven, outcome focused, glory focused, and slightly resistive, even combative at times.  When I tap into the feeling of humble arrogance, I feel open, relaxed, and at ease.  When I am in this space, I know everything is going to be fine in any outcome.  Like I said, we all have our own flavor of ego, get to know yours.  Being prompted by Course practices like these last few days are helpful in doing so.

I say this so you know who is stepping up to claim her power.  Yes, we want the ego to feel integrated and we are not trying to separate the two but we want to be sure who is driving the car, holiness, and not the spiritual ego.  Because today we are becoming more incorporated into this symbiotic relationship.  This communion with our Creator, the Universe, a Higher Power.

“If you are holy, so is everything God created.  You are holy because all things He created are holy.  And all things He created are holy because you are (ACIM Lesson 38 3:1-3).”

We are part of this never-ending, nourishing cycle of blessings.  The cycle of blessings that gives us the permission to fully let go because holiness is working everything out for our highest good and even for the highest good of ALL.  We can let go!  Let me say that one more time…WE…CAN…LET…GO!  It is like the old saying “let go and let God.”  Our practice periods are just that.

There is absolutely nothing your holiness cannot do.  You can royally screw things up and guess what?  Your holiness envelops that.  Your mom may be going through a tough time, guess what?  Your holiness can ease that too.  You don’t know what to do about you career, guess what?  Your holiness has that taken care of as well.  You see, our holiness not only touches our lives but everyone’s.  It is the ONE holiness.

“Your holiness, then, can remove all pain, can end all sorrow, and can solve all problems.  It can do so in connection with yourself and with anyone else (ACIM Lesson 38 2:4-5).”

Today, this Higher Power that is speaking as A Course in Miracles is softly whispering in your ear…

“[Name], you can let go.  You do not have to worry.  You do not have to be in control.  You do not have to orchestrate anything.  You do not have to adjust your life or that of another.  You do not have to go out and do something special.  You do not have to change or modify anything about yourself.  You do not even have to change your current circumstances.  You just have to be You.  As you are, right now, this instant, in this moment.  That is all. Because You are enough.  You are holy.  You are whole.  You are perfect.  You are a Child of God.  You need do nothing more.”

In any situation that comes to mind during our practice time today, we know, regardless of who is involved or the circumstances, there is nothing the ONE holiness cannot do.  We are not just getting ourselves out of the way for holiness to do the work but we are integrating ourselves into the way, as we state “There is nothing my holiness cannot do.”  Because it is God working through you that creates the miracle this holiness.  This is how God becomes manifest as you,

“Through your holiness the power of God is made manifest.  Through your holiness the power of God is made available.  And there is nothing the power of God cannot do (ACIM Lesson 38 2:1-3).”

Today’s lesson also gives us a glimpse into the purpose of being in the form of a body:  For God to become manifest; For Her to witness Herself manifest through form, through you.  This is using the body wisely and to its fullest potential, for the manifestation of the Divine Will.  How can one not be holy with God moving through her?

The Angel of Peace is at your door today.  And that Angel of Peace is no one other than you.  The God that is you reminding you that you can let go, that you can claim the power that lies within you, and that you can exercise said power.  Because there is nothing your holiness cannot do.

I honor the power within You and the holiness that is You.  Namaste.


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