A Course in Miracles: Lesson 41

Lesson 41 

God goes with me wherever I go. 

My partner came home last night and told me of a bumper sticker he saw.  It was a picture of Earth and then next to it said,

“We’re all in this together.”  

To him, it brought a deeper sense that we are all one, that we are all connected.  It also brought a sense of compassion and softness as he thought of his fellow brothers and sisters.  He didn’t feel at all alone in the world.  This, he knew but for some reason seeing this bumper sticker gave him a deeper lesson in this teaching.

It is true, we are all in this mad world heading Home together.  We are never alone.  We are not alone in our journey not only because of the other beings around us but because God is with us wherever we go, as well.

Today we are called to recognize the anxiety and depression we may feel when we believe we are separate from Source.  We are also called to recognize what we put in place instead of remembering we are one with God.

“The separated ones have invented many “cures” for what they believe to be “the ills of the world.”  But the one thing they do not do is question the reality of the problem.  Yet its effects cannot be cured because the problem is not real.  The idea for today has the power to end all of this foolishness forever (ACIM Lesson 41 2:1-4).”

In this world, substitutes are vast and many, from relationship to drugs to food.  We choose one substitute to then choose another because the there is truly only one substitute to end it all, the choice for God.  And it is the only one that will work.  It is the only choice that is real.  And that is all it is, just a choice.  There is nothing you need to do or change or wait for.

“Deep within you is everything that is perfect, ready to radiate through you and out into the world (ACIM Lesson 41 3:1).”

Can you feel the grace and peace in this statement?  Can you feel the grace and peace that comes with hearing such truth?  No doubt something about this statement, and the Course in general, resonates with you as something that is truer than anything you have heard before.  This is your soul recognition, letting you know that it is recognizing something it has always known.  It’s just like when you are in the mood for ice cream.  You know you are in the mood for ice cream.

In example of the Course, when you hear “God goes with me wherever I go,” your soul says “ding, ding, ding…I know this is true.”  This knowing is pure, simple, and as joyful as the desire for ice cream.  This truth can also feel like a nice cozy blanket as you feel the arms of your Comforter holding you in a never-ending embrace of love.

“You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because its Source goes with you wherever you go.  You can never suffer because the Source of all joy goes with you whoever you go. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you whoever you go.  Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go (ACIM Lesson 41 4:1-4).”

I love today’s practice period because it is as simple as today’s statement.  Were merely come to a space of quiet and go within.

“…try to sink down and inward, away from the world and all the foolish thoughts of the world.  You are trying to reach past all these things.  You are trying to leave appearances and approach reality (ACIM Lesson 41 7:2-4).”

We are coming to that quiet space within where we can hear the Voice of God.  You are embarking on a journey today that only you can travel.  You are never alone in your journey but this special connection you are touching in your practice period is that special one you share with your Creator.  It is a special moment that only your journey can led you to.

This may be tough to understand, believe, or even feel as you come within to be with God.  You may feel like nothing is happening at all.  And that is okay.  Miracles happen merely in the willingness to sit expecting to reach God.  Sometimes even in our willingness it still doesn’t seem like much is happening.  In these times, I like to image God as the wind.  The wind is always happening somewhere and doing something.  Even though I can’t see it.  Even though sometimes I can’t feel it.  I know somewhere, somehow the wind is off doing its thing…sort of like The Butterfly Effect.  God’s movements can be mysterious as the wind yet Her presence is always there.

You have never been forsaken and today is why.  Yes, we have chosen to go off and play in the world, to try and find God in many other things.  However the joke is on us, God has been with us all along.  We never left Her.  She never left us.  We go within today to remember that this is so.

See what happens in your quest today.  Be open to what may unfold in your specific time with God.  Remember that you are connecting to something that you were truly never disconnected from.  It is already there.  It is always there.  Yes, it may take some time to sift through the murkiness of our experience to get down to what is true and real within but She is there.  She has gone nowhere.  Today She joyful awaits your time together for this time you share is cultivating the Remembrance, the AT-One-Ment.

We hear the Voice of God within and know we are Home.  A Home we never left.  A Home that never left us.





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