A Course in Miracles: Lesson 43

Lesson 43

God is my Source.  I cannot see apart from Him. 

Today we are introduced to the function of the Holy Spirit, our bridge from where we think we are to where we truly abide, with God.  The Holy Spirit transforms that which we created, our perception, into a learning tool to awaken us from this mad idea, thinking that we were separate from God.  The Holy Spirit cleverly uses our own devices that we created to make up this world.  Our way into this madness is our way out, only this time being led by the comforting hand of the Holy Spirit.

“Yet He has created the Holy Spirit as the Mediator between perception and knowledge (ACIM Lesson 43 1:3).”

The Holy Spirit is our bridge between perception and knowledge.  The Holy Spirit shows us the simplicity in our return home.  The Holy Spirit shows us the effortlessness it takes.  The Holy Spirit shows us the integration that takes place with knowledge and perception, allowing us to absorb separation.  Because separation never took place at all.

“Perception has no function in God, and does not exist.  Yet in salvation, which is the undoing of what never was, perception has a mighty purpose (ACIM Lesson 43 2:2-3).”

There is value in the perception (or the misperception) that we created.  It is to be used by the Holy Spirit to show us that we never truly left our Home.  That the horror we thought we created, never was.  Remember, as Children of God, what can do us harm?

This is the purpose for today.  It is one thing to say that the separation never happened or that none of this is real but what we are looking for is the knowing that this is so.  Awakening to this can be as easy as memorizing a simple statement but what takes root must be deeper than the intellect.  It must be true embodiment.

“You cannot see apart from God because you cannot be apart from God.  Whatever you do you do in Him, because whatever you think, you think with His Mind.  If vision is real, and it is real to the extent to which is shares the Holy Spirit’s purpose, then you cannot see apart from God (ACIM Lesson 43 3:1-3).”

Even our mad thoughts are part of the Mind we share with God.  They are so because they are used as the holy grail to lead us back to Her.  Recently, I have known many who were going through energetic upgrades as the vibrations on Earth have raised to higher levels.  Often our human bodies, in particular those who are energetically sensitive, need a little time to integrate to this shift of ascension that is happening among us.  This often looks like an illness on the outside but on the inside all good things are happening as it is merely just more integration happening.  I say this as during times when are bodies feel most vulnerable are also times in which we can see the holy grail Home.

For example, when I recently went through such an event,  I was in so much pain.  Sleep was even no comfort.  Nor was any other position I put my body in.  Yet as the days went on, I awoke one morning to realize that the pain had subsided a little.  There was more space in my physical body and energetic body.  I was so grateful.  Then all the sudden, the troops marched in.  When I mean troops I mean that negative tape that sometimes runs in our heads.  With this empty space as prime real estate, the ego was ready to rush in and claim it’s territory.  But as I laid there and witnessed this scenario, I recognized what was happening and noticed that I can use this moment.  I can use this moment to awaken.  I can love these thoughts that are coming in.  I can welcome them.  And I can be happy they are there because I can shower them with love.  These thought were my holy grail to remind me that “I’m not that….nor that either….nor this….nor that, as well.”  I can, indeed, respect these thoughts for showing up and delight in them because with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these thoughts, once lit with my love, where lighting my way Home.  So I laid in bed with this new spacious real estate as my yellow brick road Home, a Home I never left at all.  A Home that is right here within me, always.

In any moment, we cannot be apart from Her.  In this school called life, everything is fair game to be used as our remembrance.  That is the gift of our translator, the Holy Spirit.  That is also the gift of being in this mad world, to realize that it was never really mad at all, it was only our (mis)perception that said it was so.  If we look upon this world with true knowledge we will see that this world is masterful and beautiful with its perfections.  Every part and parcel, primed to be used for our awakening, even what may come across as an energy upgrade.  And that is the gem found in our practice periods today.

I also love practice periods like today because it gives us the opportunity to “bless bomb.”  A “bless bomb” is when you are blessing all those around you and they have no clue you are doing it.  People are going about their day around you yet you, in your knowing, are acknowledging the God in those who are amongst you.  It is so sneaky that no one even knows it yet it is so powerful!  So today, “bless bomb” away as you look around and say,

“God is my Source.  I cannot see you apart from Him.”

Share your salvation with the world!  Become aware of the hand extended to you by the Holy Spirit to guide you across the bridge from perception into knowing.  Be aware of those moments when that hand is waiting for you to extend yours.  And walk together as you recognize your vision is always with Source.



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