A Course in Miracles: Lesson 69

Lesson 69

My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

Do you ever feel like you are invisible to the world? Like no one ever truly sees you? And like you never even truly see yourself? Today, we attempt to change all of that and prove through the practice periods that you are Known, Seen, and shine a Light that only you can shine upon the world.

In so many words, we have hidden our lamp under a basket. For some us, it may have been easier that way. So hurt by the world, that often hiding our Light feels safer than shining. Or maybe for some of us we believe that we must have been absent the day God handed out Lights during creation, thus the “light thing” skipped us, leaving us doomed to darkness forever. These are both compelling stories we can tell ourselves but it is not the Truth.

“Because your grievances are hiding the light of the world in you, everyone stands in darkness, and you beside him” (ACIM Lesson 69 1:2).

We have taken many steps (68 of them to be exact) towards knowing our Truth: that we are Love, Light, and the bringer of salvation to the world. It has taken a bit to let this entire goodness sink in. That is why we take it one step at a time.

Today’s step uncovers the effect our grievances have upon our role in salvation. Our grievances are a hindrance to our Light . It keeps us from our only goal, our only purpose, salvation.

“Salvation is our only need. There is no other purpose here, and no other function to fulfill. Learning salvation is our only goal” (ACIM Lesson 69 3:2-4).

Since we have already uncovered our goal and purpose, we no longer need to search for meaning in our existence. Our search, that has covered many lifetimes, has come to an end, should we choose. We are only left to let go of our grievances. Yet if you still need permission to give up the search the Course offers these words,

“Let us end the ancient search today by finding the light in us, and holding it up for everyone who searches with us to look upon and rejoice” (ACIM Lesson 69 3:5).

Now you stand at the moment where you can put the grievances down. You can put down your effort. You can put down your striving. You can put down your suffering. You can put down your hurt. You can put down your sadness. You can let them be lifted like evaporated clouds on a summer’s day, leaving only your Light to shine.

I love the imagery in today’s longer practice periods. If you have ever driven through fog you know that it can be done. Albeit, you may have to go slow and take extra care but it is possible. The image used in our quiet time today shows the same is with you and the grievances you hold. You can pass through the clouds that stand as grievances and with a little love and gentleness you can wade through the dense puffy forms, letting them lightly touch your body as you head to the Light. You can let them kiss your skin, your eyelids, and cheeks. You realize these clouds are truly nothing at all.

Some mornings I go for walk and notice a cloud covers the mountaintop I am on. It hovers about early morning as the dew starts to melt and rise. I love walking through the cloud. I love noticing the point where the cloud begins and ends and try to hop back and forth from the cloud to no cloud. To me it’s like being lucky enough to stand right on that line where rain is and then two steps over where it isn’t.

On these mornings, as I walk through the cloud, I notice how soft it is. How it touches my skin and seems to disappear. Did I absorb it? Did it absorb me? Did it move around me? Where did it go?

I notice that when the sun starts to fully rise the cloud begins to lift and disappear. The brightness of the sun, being like a magician, with its rays of light like a magic wand went, “poof” making the cloud disappear, leaving me standing in its Light.

Are you picking up on the impermanence of this early morning cloud? This is just one example to show us that clouds are not so scary and permanent. They are not impenetrable. If they were, could planes fly through them? Could you walk through them? Could they disappear like magic with the sun’s rays?

“Go on; clouds cannot stop you” (ACIM Lesson 69 8:5).

This is where Nature is so beautiful as our teacher, letting us know that the work of our Inner Nature can be just a simple as her example. Letting go of our cloud of grievances can be as eloquent as the lifting of early morning clouds and as certain as the shining sun (Son). And as the sun takes the last step in lifting the clouds, taking no effort by you, so does our Father Mother God,

“Your little effort and small determination call on the power of the universe to help you, and God Himself will raise you from the darkness into light” (ACIM Lesson 69 7:2).

“Then let the power of God work in you and through you, that His Will and yours be done” (ACIM Lesson 69 8:6).

Salvation is a team effort and we do not walk this walk alone. The miracle today is the assurance that with God, not only is our search over for finding our Light, but that we know exactly where It is. Just like the certainty of the rising sun, even on a cloudy day.

“Remind yourself also that you are not searching for it alone, and that you do know where to look for it” (ACIM Lesson 69 9:2).

In our quiet time today, don’t just go through the clouds but grow through the clouds. Let this lesson feed the soil of your heart, leaving a lasting imprint on the Light that grows from it, making your visibility and brilliance known to the world. Let this Truth be a part of you that it may never disappear from your daily journey.




3 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles: Lesson 69

  1. “You can put down your effort”.
    That FEELS good. A burden is lifted. Relief.
    The end is inherent in the means.
    Thank you.


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