A Course in Miracles: Lesson 80

Lesson 80

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

We walk in certainty and knowing as we make this next step in our miraculous journey. What if there were no problems at all? What if heaven is right here on earth around us waiting to be recognized? But how could heaven be on earth when there is so much negative that seems to happen in the world? When you step into the knowing that our lives are only a journey in remembrance then you will see the world as ephemeral as it was created to be.

This world is fleeting. Our bodies, emotions, and thoughts are fleeting.  How can we take such a changing existence so seriously and literally? It is easy to do, as that is how we are accustomed to living, under the confusion of the illusory world.  Yesterday and today we have been offered the link that ties it all together, it is the simplicity of the one problem with the one solution. Everything is connected to our journey Home. Everything in our lives is used to awaken us. Everything, big and small, is used for our remembrance: that we are never separate from Source.

“One problem, one solution” (ACIM Lesson 80 1:5).

I recall when I walked the Camino de Santiago there were all shapes and sizes, countries and languages represented, spiritual and non-spiritual beings walking the same journey as I.  When I talked with other pilgrims, even if we didn’t speak the same language, I realized that we are all different bodies but with One Heart.  Regardless of our varied journeys in the world or our backgrounds, we are all heading to the same place.  In this case, it was Santiago however there was a bigger presence behind every interaction that led me to discover that Santiago is only a reflection point on the journey and that we are all desiring the same place, the same Home. Like the different vessels we inhabit, we all describe our Home differently and believe in various ways to get there. There is no harm in that, it creates wonderful conversations and sparks new ideas for adventures. But truly, we are all headed to the same exact place, to that One Heart that we all share and abide in.

I feel very similar about today’s lesson. We see various forms of problems and solutions as much as we see different bodies and languages. There is a buffet of choices to experience in life in the pursuit of heaven. But on that buffet, there is only one main ingredient in each offering that will satiate your hunger, Oneness with God.

“Only be certain you do not forget that all problems are the same.  Their many forms will not deceive you while you remember this.  One problem, one solution.  Accept the peace this simple statement brings” (ACIM Lesson 80 3:3-6

This is all we are asked to remember when we forget Truth. Do not be swayed by the lack of complexity. The fact that it is so simple is what makes it complex to the mind.  I believe everything comes back to these two questions we can ask ourselves:

1.  Am I God pretending that I am not God by experiencing hate, anger, suffering, jealousy, competitiveness, lack, unworthiness, etc?


2.  Am I God realizing that I am God by experiencing the peace of remembrance?

Notice how in either question there is nothing to figure out or find.  They are both “yes” and “no” questions.  We are either in the process towards the one solution or we have fully recalled the solution.  We are either pretending to forget or we are remembering.  We are either in love or fear; forgiveness or judgment.  It is that simple and it all comes back to that simplicity.  Everything can be traced back to forgetting or remembering we are God, created in the likeness of Itself.  Can you see in your own life how everything serves the remembrance?  Can you even see it in those things that appear to cause so much hate and suffering?

God offers us peace and understanding.  She brings you water but cannot make you drink.  It is your choice to do so.  God is the patient parent who still loves us in our adolescent ways awaiting our return to our True Home.  She calls out to us that our struggle is over.  Can you hear Her?

“Your only problem has been solved” (ACIM Lesson 80 2:1)!

There will be things that continue to arise in the world, it is, still, our classroom.  But how we choose to interact with ourselves and others can serve the remembrance or the illusion.  We can be without conflict if we choose.  Of course, you are always free to revel in the human experience, but know at the bottom of it there is a higher choice awaiting you.  Each circumstance you meet is merely asking, “Do you remember now?  What about now?  What about even now?”  The idea is to master each moment with your knowing that you are always connected to Source and at peace.

“A problem that has been resolved cannot trouble you” (ACIM Lesson 80 3:2).

“Recognize that you are out of conflict; free and at peace” (ACIM Lesson 80 5:4).

Today we walk in peace.  We remember there are really no problems at all…that in itself is an exercise.  Enjoy your practice.  Peace be with you.



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