A Course in Miracles: Lesson 94

Lesson 94

I am as God created me. 

Hallelujah!  Thank God!  I have always remained as God created me.  There is nothing I have done wrong.  There is nothing you have done wrong.  There is nothing the world has done wrong.  In today’s Truth, we couldn’t have screw anything up, even if we intentionally tried.  We have been Holy untouched by the illusions we have created and have remained centered in the Truth of what is Real.  We have ever stayed in Her Presence; comforted by the Comforter, sharing in the holiness with the Holy, feeling the safety of our Savior.

“You are as God created you” (ACIM Lesson 94 1:2).

Today’s statement is the coming home to the glory of the remembrance.  We rejoice in our offering of Truth.  Take moment of awareness, re-read “I am as God created me,” close your eyes, and feel this offering in a space that is deeper than your bones.  Does this not deeply resonate with you?  Does it not sound like a very familiar Truth?  Does it not sound like something you have known on such a deep level your entire life (or lifetimes)?  Dare we say, that it is something we have expected to hear?

In prior lessons we came across the lunacy in believing that you are something other than a Child of God; worthy, whole, perfect, and loved unconditionally.  Sanity is claiming that you are the Light of the World and that you are as God created you.  The nightmares we created are just that, nightmares, and each day we have woken up more fully to the heaven that is our inheritance.

“Now try to reach the Son of God in you.  This is the Self That never sinned, nor made an image to replace reality.  This is the Self That never left Its home in God to walk the world uncertainly.  This is the Self That knows no fear, nor could conceive of loss or suffering or death”  (ACIM Lesson 94 3:5-8).

The perfection in A Course in Miracles is that it puts the ownership, experience, and choice onto the miracle maker, You.  The gift is that we no longer look outside ourselves for our salvation but we look to ourselves.  The Course, and many other spiritual teachings, can show us the way but we must be the ones to take the steps.  Today’s practice periods, once more, offer just that.  It asks us to reach the Daughter (or Son) of God within.  It asks for us to start leading the way, promised that we will be met by our Creator.  Is this not comforting?  Is this not truly the end of our search?  The search most of us have been on, not only in this lifetime, but many lifetimes before.  We have been shown the door.  Are you ready to open it?

There is a sense of celebration and sweetness our lesson.  We go Home to a place we never left, where we never sinned, where there is no fear, and where there is no loss, only abundance.  We arrive united again, recognizing our perfection and light.  The Prodigal Daughter/Son has returned Home!

“Nothing is required of you to reach this goal except to lay all idols and self-images aside; go past the list of attributes, both good and bad, you have ascribed to yourself; and wait in silence expectancy for the truth” (ACIM Lesson 94 4:1).

We have already practiced going past the clouds of our perceptions in Lesson 70, “It is past the clouds and in the light beyond” (8:4).  It is in this light that we expect our Truth to reveal Itself.  Notice how there is no list of things to do, no spiritual checklist to reach God, and no rites or rituals to perform.  We are welcomed to the simplicity of stillness, “Be Silent And Know That I Am God.”  Thus, in each moment, are we not in silent expectancy, as the Truth of our creation is not even a breath away?

We no longer have to feel like a kid in a china shop, fearing the fragility of life and our own bodies.  We are Children of God in the infinite playground where nothing breaks nor is fragile, where everything is redeemed, beautiful, perfect, and always anew.  Welcome, Saviors of the World!  You have just found the way Home.  Be still and touch it inside of you, that Light this is eternal and created by God.  In each moment today, STAND in your knowing that you are as God created you.



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