A Course in Miracles: Lesson 95

Lesson 95

I am one Self, united with my Creator.

Yesterday, we heard the whisper of the sweet words, “I am as God created me,” in Lesson 94.  We have begun to take time each day to sit and be with the Light within.  We move past the clouds of misperceptions, false idols, and misguided voices, and realize we are not who we thought we were.  We see deep within that we not separate from God, nor have we ever been.  Home has never left us and we have never left Home.

“Your perfect unity makes change in you impossible” (ACIM Lesson 95 1:4).

We connect to the one Self that lies within that is eternally united with Her Creator.  All that we have falsely worshiped has led us to this point where we have exhausted all options of salvation outside ourselves.  In this lesson and the lessons to come, we further our exploration within and trust the Voice that assures us we are one Light, always connected to its Source.

The foundation we are building at this point in the Course requires frequent practice periods to ensure integration for these specific passages.  I encourage you to look within to gain clarity on the structure that works best for you as your form of reminder.  I have mentioned before that I know many who use apps on their phone for their lesson promptings.  You may also want to try using your watch or phone alarm at the top of each hour or making a post-it note or index card.  Your reminder could also occur when you check email or check a text or when you hear a phone ring.  Ask yourself, “How can I use my day as a reminder that I am one Self, united with my Creator?”  Make the commitment to identify a means that inspires you to integrate your Oneness throughout your day.  This foundation is not meant to add to your day but enhance it as you bring Light to the world.

It is tricky to begin integrating such progressive teachings.  It maybe very confronting and combative to how you live your typical life.  Thus, from time to time, we may forget a few practice periods or the day’s statement all together.  Remember we are retraining a mind that has mistaken its identity for many, many years, even lifetimes, thus, this is no call for alarm or a means to start the lesson over or any other such thing.  Do not let any sort of guilt hinder your progress.  Just jump right back in where you left off and move on.

“The Holy Spirit is not delayed in His teaching by your mistakes.  He can be held back only by your unwillingness to let them go” (ACIM Lesson 95 8:1-2).


“Let all these errors go by recognizing them for what they are.  They are attempts to keep you unaware you are one Self, united with your Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and in peace” (ACIM Lesson 95 10:1-2).

Our integration is key as we learn more that the only one that can soothe us is our Self.  The one Self that is one with our fellow brothers and sisters and our Creator.  That essence within us that is like the ocean, powerful and flowing out to all of humanity, for the salvation of all.

I mentioned in Lesson 93, the power of reading paragraph seven in the mirror to yourself.  We have a similar opportunity today with the vibrations embedded in paragraphs 13 & 14, except this time, I want to invite you to read those two paragraphs out loud while recording them.  Re-listening to these words in your own voice truly awakens the Light in You, as the Voice you hear is that One, Unified Voice of God.  This is the brilliance of how we can use technology for our salvation and remembrance.  This is using time wisely and is a way we can incorporate the birth the one Self throughout our day, just by listening to our own Voice utter those sweet words.

Below is an example of what I have made and listened to various times to help me recall the Truth about my One Self.  As you listen more to that Voice within, how is She calling you to be expressed in this world, so that Her Light shines and her presence is known throughout your waking and sleeping moments?  Enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the union.  Be Still and Know That You Are…



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