A Course in Miracles: Lesson 99

Lesson 99

Salvation is my only function here.

In Lessons 62 – 65 we learned in various phrases that forgiveness is our main function as the light of the world.  Since Review II, we have broadened our scope to include our role in salvation.  Today, it is confirmed that both forgiveness and salvation are one and the same, with both correcting our misguided thinking that the illusions we created are real.

It is worth stating once more that we no longer need to search for our purpose in the world or wonder why we are here.  That is now an old way of thinking that no longer serves us.  It served us for a while as it led us to various spiritual practices and teachings, such as A Course in Miracles.  At a certain point in a spiritual journey, searching is only another means to be distracted from being what you know to be true, that you are a Child of God, keeping you in the cycle of student when you are meant to be a master.

Since salvation and forgiveness are our only purpose, this means that the following are not our sole reasons for being created.   Your purpose is NOT to be…

  • A daughter
  • A mother
  • The maker of tons of money
  • An obedient son
  • Someone’s life organizer
  • Someone’s trash bin
  • Someone’s one night stand
  • Someone’s slave
  • A good boss
  • A lowly being who is destined to walk the earth destitute

Society and the world will happily tell us those roles listed above, and more, are our dutiful places in creation.  Yes, some roles are noble efforts to serve such as being a good mother or obedient son.  Yet, the light we are is beyond any role or label.  As a Child of God, when our function of forgiveness is fully lived, the attributes that are needed to perform such noble services in the world will occur effortlessly.

Striving is a state of conflict.  Worry is a state of conflict.  Victimhood is a state of conflict.  Conflict is not born of God but of separation.

“Your Father loves you.  All the world of pain is not His Will.  Forgive yourself the thought He wanted this for you.  Then let the Thought with which He has replaced all your mistakes enter the darkened places of your mind that thought the thoughts that never were His Will”  (ACIM Lesson 99 7:3-6).

We no longer have to strive to be perfect, because as the light, we already are.  We no longer have to fear being destitute because it is not God’s Will for us to suffer in the illusion of victimhood or lack.  No matter where your mistaken purpose lies, aligning with your one function will only positively enhance the contributions you make in the world.  Forgiveness is just correcting misguided thoughts and remembering you are Love.  How can that not only benefit you but also the world?

“Salvation is my only function here.

God still is Love, and this is not His Will”  (ACIM Lesson 99 6:7-8).

Salvation bridges the gap between truth and illusion and there is only one who could understand the language of both what is of God and what we created, the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit guides us to dissolve what is not of God and what truly never happened in the first place.  The Holy Spirit transcends time and illusion to see beyond what we created and, with our choice, erases the invisible line we made separating ourselves from God.  If you will, the Holy Spirit is the friend that removes our distorted glasses and says with a loving voice, “See, there is nothing here.  There is nothing to harm you.  Won’t you put down your knife and shield and come walk in Love with Me?”

The Holy Spirit gently guides us to learn that we can lay our created fears aside to see that we are only Love, with only one purpose.  There is nothing that remains hidden.  Nothing is too scary or horrible inside us that cannot be touched by the remembrance of light.  God transcends all of our misconceived notions of impossible, as it is Her Will that we be aligned in the One Mind with Her.

“Let in the light, and you will look upon no obstacle to what He wills for you.  Open your secrets to His kindly light, and see how bright this light still shines in you” (ACIM Lesson 99 8:3-4).

Today, our practice periods bring light to the darkness we created.  Nothing is left untouched by the Love of God.  We forgive all that is not of God and all that we have created as opposite.  In doing so, salvation is achieved.  Remember it is not about a soul being saved but rather the divinity of a soul being uncovered by what we have made.  Thus, you are the savior you have been waiting for.  You are the bringer of light.

“Forgive what you have made and you are saved”  (ACIM Lesson 99 10:7).

In our one function do we find our minds fully corrected, showing us that we are Children of God.  We never left Home.  We never did anything wrong.  We merely placed a mask over our Divine Light.  No harm done.  But, today, the mask comes off.

“Thus do you lay forgiveness on your mind and let all fear be gently laid aside, that love may find its rightful place in your and show you that you are the Son of God”  (ACIM Lesson 99 12:5).



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