A Course in Miracles: Lesson 133

Lesson 133

I will not value what is valueless. 

The Way need not be hard or complicated.  In truth, the Way is certain and simple.  Any complexity or confusion is born of the ego as a means to obscure our way Home, as the ego fears the release of its strong hold.  When we are in alignment with the Mind of God, there is only certainty and there is only eternal value in our experience.

“Complexity is nothing but a screen of smoke, which hides the very simple fact that no decision can be difficult.  What is the gain to you in learning this?  It is far more than merely letting you make choices easily and without pain” (ACIM Lesson 122 12:3-5).

Our practice today is about experiencing the benefits of the simplicity of choice.  We are limitless creations but our choices, regardless of how they are packaged on the outside, come down to only two:  love or fear.  We make the comparison of our two choices today by the means of exploring that which has value and that which is valueless.

The interesting point as we begin our lesson today is that our attention is brought to the fact that we actually ask for far too little in life.  How many times have you questioned in various circumstances, “Did I asked for too much?”  We took the lessons we learned when we were younger about “asking for too much for our birthday, Christmas, graduation, etc.” and applied them to all areas of our life, making sure to not ask for too much so as to not be disappointed.  We programmed ourselves to think that “asking for too much” brought disappointment yet do we not all find that eventually anything we receive in the world brings some level of disenchantment and loss in luster?  Do we not find that what we receive in the world only keeps us unfilled and in search for fulfillment?  Yet when we come to abide in the realm of our divinity, this earthy rule that brings disappointment does not translate.  You cannot limit the limitless.  You can never tire of that which is of eternal value.  And you could never ask for far too much when you are the Light of the world.

“You do not ask too much of life, but far too little” (ACIM Lesson 133 2:1).

Today, we learn the Art of Choice, as we explore the moment prior to choice.  Why do we choose what we choose?  What are we getting out of a certain choice?  This gives us a glimpse as to whether we are choosing for God or for ego.  Are we choosing that which is eternal or that which is fleeting?  Often we get ourselves confused or mentally paralyzed by all of the choices around us.  Even on a spiritual journey when you come to recognize your unbridled, cosmic potential and birthright, it can be rather daunting to think of the power that lies within you.  In this stage, we find that with limitlessness comes both freedom and restraint until we come to experience that all options, possibilities, and potentialities come down to either love or fear.  And once that is explored, one will come to see that there is only one choice, that for love.

“It would be ungenerous to you to let alternative be limitless, and thus delay your final choice until you had considered all of them intake; and not been brought so clearly to the place where there is but one choice that must be made”  (ACIM Lesson 133 4:3).

We have spent many lifetimes, even lifetimes within lifetimes, chasing after every possible option.  We have always gone after the “next big thing” or the “next big idea.”  It is easy to follow this momentum as the world breeds this thinking very successfully.  Yet today we begin to question our motives and our influences.  As we chase and chase, do we not eventually end up with nothing and thus continue the cycle to hopefully obtain that “something,” that “this is it!” moment, that thing that will end all our searching?  The value of our Oneness is the end of our searching.  It is all that is real.  It is everything.  Everything else is nothing.

“Each choice you make brings everything to you or nothing” (ACIM Lesson 133 5:3).

Lesson 133 walks us through the simple means of choosing that which has value.  First, in making our choice, we can use the tool of time.  If what we desire can last the test of time, it has value, it is of love.  If it does not stand the test of time and fades, where is the value?  We also become aware that what we choose, we do not take from another.  If we have the choice for that which is limitless, we extend the same to our brothers and sisters.  To deny them of their choice or their gifts is to also deny ourselves the same journey.  If we desire to fully know the choice of love, we give it freely to others.  If we have everything to gain, why do we need to take from another?

Honesty is imperative in the Art of Choice.  The moment before a choice is made, we have the opportunity to glimpse at our hearts at the real means of what we desire most.  If we desire peace, love, eternity, happiness, then the choice to follow will reflect such intentions.  In taking a breath as we reflect on our motives we become vigilant for ego and recognize if we are following the Voice for God or voice for ego.  It is through our presence that we come to identify the tricks of the ego and its desire for obscurity.

“Its [the ego’s] goals are obvious to anyone who cares to look for them” (ACIM Lesson 133 9:2).

To slow down and look at our means of choosing takes courage.  It takes bravery to explore those choices that we believe will bring harm.  Although there is only love or fear, if we honestly investigate our decision making more closely, we come to find that we are really choosing between fear and fear.  Thus, do we end up in a quandary over the lesser of two evils and in fear of one choice we choose another.  In choosing the less fearful option, that is still not choosing love.  We do not scare ourselves into love.  That is only more trickery of the ego.  Thus, can love be the only choice.  We can only arrive at this realization if we have the courage to look at the nothingness that is fear.  If we explore the lack of value in our attacking thoughts and perceptions, will we come to find they eventually disappear into nothing and cannot stand the test of time.  Thus, do we become certain of the only choice, that for love.

“And thus do you not realize there are but two, and the alternative you think you chose seems fearful, and too dangerous to be the nothingness is actually is” (ACIM Lesson 133 11:3).

The Art of Choice is the also the art of witnessing our harmlessness and divinity.  We were created from a sweet simplicity and enter in that same simplicity as we return Home.  The choice for love is simple, easeful, and peaceful.  The body will be quick to let you know which choice you have chosen.  If you feel contraction or confusion, it is fear.  If you feel expansion and certainty, it is love.  See, it is that simple.  If you do find yourself somewhere in contraction or confusion, do not worry.  You cannot be threatened or harmed or make a mistake.  No matter where you may find yourself, you are never without the simple opportunity to choose for love.

We come today to claim all that has value and to learn the art of choosing what we truly desire.  In our practice periods do we find that the way is truly easy as when we become present to that choice before the choice, there is only the seed of love.  And from that seed will we blossom forth with only that which is of eternal value.  Namaste.



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