A Course in Miracles: Lesson 155

Lesson 155

I will step back and let Him lead the way.

No statement could be more sure of peace than this.  It is a call to remember that “It is not my will, but Thy Will be done.”  If you have ever wondered the purpose and finality of your steps, today has granted the answer, “We walk to God” (ACIM Lesson 155 12:1).  We have been walking towards God and towards that final step.  That final step where there is “no gap or distance between you and truth” (ACIM Lesson 155 10:1).  We arrive at a place where we need miracles no more, as we can see only Truth.

Something about us has been changing but at the same time nothing has changed at all.  We seem to be in this world but we are no longer of it. A feat only recognized by those on the same journey.  And a feat where its only purpose is so that you can be the beacon for others who have yet to see the steps Home.

“You do not change in appearance, though you smile more frequently.  Your forehead is serene; your eyes are quiet.  And the ones who walk the world as you do not recognize their own.  Yet those who have not yet perceived the way will recognize you also, and believe that you are like them, as you were before” (ACIM Lesson 155 1:2-5).

In our shift to truth, we still remain relatable to the world, in particular to those who need a little guidance on the path.  We do not search for such souls but rather through our lives do we become the Way Show-ers for those ready for Truth.  All roads, each one, leads Home.  And each soul on the road is always on the road to readiness whether he or she knows it or not.  We trust this as we let go and appreciate each soul’s journey and our own.  We release the need to fix or heal someone and just trust.  We step back and let God lead the way.

“All roads will lead to this one in the end.  For sacrifice and deprivation are paths that lead nowhere, choices for defeat, and aims that will remain impossible.  All this steps back as truth comes forth in you, to lead your brothers from the ways of death, and set them on the way to happiness” (ACIM Lesson 155 7:1-3).

The purpose of our journey is to journey no more.  We need no longer effort in finding God but rather be steadfast in our vigilance for those moments when we believe we are separate from Her.  This is still a new way of being for most of us, and thus, is our awareness key as we come to embody the fullness of peace that is with us, always, as we let God lead the way.  Can you release the journey?  Can you let go of the seeking and trust that you are, already, what you have been searching for?

In our practice times today, our presence alone proclaims that we have completed our desire and journey for other means of fulfillment, to arrive nowhere else but Here.  There is no step because you are asked to just stay here and be with God and to let God lead the way.

Every move, every thought, every word, and every feeling is used for God’s purpose.  You do not have to control, plan, or contrive anything, anymore.  Is this not perfect peace?  As we step back, we step out of our own way to let God move through us.  If we but only create the space, God is ready to rush in.  Do you see how you do not even have to take the final step?  God is ready to do that for you.

“Step back in faith and let truth lead the way.  You know not where you go.  But One Who knows goes with you.  Let Him lead you with the rest” (ACIM Lesson 155 10:3-6).

Walk towards your Self.  Walk towards God.  Your Walk in Miracles has been your realization that You are the miracle.  You are That…You are That which God created, You are That which God moves through, You are That which is Light, You are That which is God.  We step back today to realize that we could never step away from God.  We can only let the small mind integrate into the back seat so that God can finally drive.

No sacrifice is asked of you today.  God only wants you to receive:  to receive the power that is You and that you are capable of extending to your brothers and sisters.  I send you many blessings as you journey with your Creator in the driver’s seat.  I honor you as you allow God to lead the way.  What a better place you are making this world by doing so.  Namaste.


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