A Course in Miracles: Lesson 156

Lesson 156

I walk with God in perfect holiness.  

Kevin Bacon was recently in town and I believe I caught a glimpse of him. As he walked passed where I was sitting, I looked up and this being in front of me appeared so familiar. It was hard to tell as he was wearing glasses yet his hair was still a perfect sort of “boyish” messy that gave him a certain Kevin Baconair. We both said “hello” as he passed on the street alone. Then as he walked away I glanced in his direction and his walking gate struck me. At that point, I had no doubt in my mind that I just saw Kevin Bacon. As Bob Dylan has a distinct singing voice, as Salvador Dali has a distinct stroke of his brush, so does Kevin Bacon with his strut. Please, don’t just take my word for it. Watch Footloose, Tremors, The River Wild, Black Mass, and any other Bacon film, you will notice a very particular bounce in his step.  It is unmistakable. It is signature.

Now let us jump from “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” to the “Zero Degrees of an Impossible Separation.” As Kevin has a signature strut, we too have distinct walk with God. And like this famous actor, no matter which role we play, we cannot escape this Truth.

Jeshua, channeled by Jayem Hammer, in The Way of Mastery, continually states, “The Truth is True Always.” If we are created in the likeness of God, we too must be perfect, holy, and incapable of sin. No matter what we do, we cannot escape this Truth. God has no opposite and Love, being God, is the same. If there were an opposite to God, then it would not be God but rather of ego. Lesson 156 echo’s this sentiment today as we deepen our experience of our guaranteed.

We are in the crux of our Walk in Miracles. You stand on a sacred road and you can either choose to see a divergence or the One Holy Way. No matter which you see before you, you will always be on your journey with God. It is a Truth you cannot escape even if you wanted to and even if you tried. And have you not had enough of both?

The Cosmic Joke is that nothing we do can tarnish our brilliance. You can put a mask over it for a while but it will never distinguish the Light that you are. We know this because of one of the first lines in today’s lesson,

“…Ideas leave not their source” (ACIM Lesson 156 1:3).

Although the world can appear to be overwhelming and suffocating, it truly does not have the power to clobber us into dust. It is only in our thoughts, which create a strong visceral experience, that falsify such a scenario. Your fellow neighbor could see the same picture of the world as you and could just as easily see the love that is woven, even in the madness. Thus, one’s idea of overwhelm doesn’t translate equally to a true experience, only a perception. Do you see how one’s idea never leaves its Source? Heretofore, the idea that is You, never left Source, as well.

Everything is experienced within us and in our sphere of awareness. We can either get caught up in our misguided perceptions or we can remember. You are your own walking movie script; do you want to see a thriller or a comedy?

“In lightness and in laughter is sin gone, because its quaint absurdity is seen. It is a foolish thought, a silly dream, not frightening, ridiculous perhaps, but who would waste an instant in approach to God Himself for such a senseless whim?” (ACIM Lesson 156 6:4-5).

Oneness pervades everything, as we learned in Lesson 151, “All things are echoes of the Voice for God.” Each lesson following has been a continuous walk in recognizing how God is all around us. Because God Is, We Are. We cannot take a step without Her. Even when we think we have chosen an experience other than God, God is in that too. There is no time, place, or dimension where we are not One with our holiness, love, and perfection.

“You cannot walk the world apart from God, because you could not be without Him. He is what your life is. Where you are He is. There is one life. That life you share with Him. Nothing can be apart from Him and live” (ACIM Lesson 156 2:4-9).

However you would like to put it, you can step back, you can remove the veil, you can clear the mind…the process does not matter because it all comes down to surrender and release. Release your grip on misperception and let your Light shine through. It will shine through anyway but wouldn’t you like to witness it for yourself? Wouldn’t you like to know your Light? Wouldn’t you like to know the God that lies within you?

Without putting it into so many words, unknowingly, over the last few years my journey has been focused on finding my true worth. I was sick of relying on the world to tell me what to do next, how to be, and if I was good enough. I would reach moments of peace for it then to be taken away as the world around me changed. I no longer wanted to be in a constant spin and part of the game of catch and release. Regardless of what the world does, I realized I wanted to know that I am the Light always and in all ways. It is no coincidence that A Course in Miracles came into my awareness during this period of my life.

“There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you” (ACIM Lesson 156 4:1).

Whatever words you want to use or whether you are fully aware of it or not, I’m sure you are here for the same reason, to experience the Light that you are and to know the Light that you are. It is this Light that guides you Home and it is this Light that you shine out into the world, encouraging your brothers and sisters to turn within rather than clinging to the outside world. In recognizing your True Inner World of Light, you bring us all Home.

There is only One Breath, One Love, and One Light and it is truly distinct. Go forth and shine your Light, reminding us all that we have the opportunity to do the same. Don’t just walk, but strut in your perfect holiness. If you think Kevin Bacon’s walk is noticeable, just imagine how magnanimous your walk is with God in your perfect holiness. Talk about signature….




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