A Course in Miracles: Lesson 157

Lesson 157

Into His Presence would I enter now.

Today, you go to a place where only you can go, a place that only you know.  A destination so personal and distinct, that not even our lesson can give you a road map to where you will commune with the One Presence.  It is similar to the inhale of our breath.  Our exhale unites with others and the world as it leaves our universal body and expands into the Universe.  In our exhale, we unite in our collective journey forth.  But in our inhale, it is very intimate and distinct for each one of us.  Where it enters in our bodies and the crevices, in which it touches, is so particular to each one of us.  The holy inhale takes us to a place where only each one of us can go.

We step beyond the conventional instruction typically given to guide us to God.  We move beyond our learning to the learned, from the unknown to the known, and from becoming to the being.  We journey to where God is typically found, in that which is unconventional, that which has no road map or predictable point.  It is true that various conventional means of finding God are useful and serve a purpose, but more often than not, it is in that which is unconventional, unstructured, and uninhibited, that we find the true Presence of God.  Typically we find God where we least expect Her, yes?  And typically, it is right under our noses, actually closer than that, even.  Thus, today, do we let go of all words to merely be in the Presence of our Creator and let Her light our vision of Heaven.

There is a peace and elegance in our quiet time.  If it must be named, it would be called holy.  It is a time of pure vision and receivership.  There are, truly, no words to describe nor any means in which to lead one into the sacredness of today.  That is what is meant when the Course says, “This you will never teach, for you attainted it not through learning” (ACIM Lesson 157 9:4).  This is also a clue to our lessons to come.  Although we give what we receive, there are aspects of our experience that cannot be directly given.  Each person has his or her distinct journey Home and a certain experience with the Creator.  As you have your experience with the Divine, the only aspect you can share is the look in your eye and the example that you now embody.  You display the holy invitation as you integrate the Divine into your words, actions, and deeds.  It is not something you can hand over to another, just as you cannot inhale for another being, but as the holy Presence moves through you, you begin to light the way for you fellow brothers and sisters.

Jeshua, channeled through Jayem Hammer, in The Way of Mastery states, “We become more and more to be less and less.”  As we become more full with God, we become less of this world.  This world no longer holds its false value, thus do we change to reflect that which is real and true.  In our time of silence and stillness we are slowing transforming our being to its rightful existence, that of angel and that of heaven.  Thus, do we aid in healing the world as we restore heaven on earth through our being.

“As this experience increases and all goals but this become of little worth, the world to which you will return becomes a little closer to the end of time; a little more like Heaven in its ways; a litter nearer its deliverance.  And you who bring it light will come to see the light more sure; the vision more distinct” (ACIM Lesson 157 7:1-2).

It is to say that once you fully get this glimpse beyond learning, the option of turning back becomes obsolete.  It will no longer be a choice for you on your buffet.  Not because it is taken from you but because it is an option that you no longer desire.  In an example we have used before, you have come to the moment when are ready to let go of the toys of you childhood and adolescence.  The Barbies and G.I. Joes, no longer hold their luster.  You are ready to step off the playground and into holy waters.

“Into Christ’s Presence will we enter now, serenely unaware of everything except His shining face and perfect Love” (ACIM Lesson 157 9:1).

Today is a turning point indeed, before we journey into our next depth of teachings, we pause in our readiness to experience the Light fully.  To glimpse at the promise land that is here, right now, and at our fingertips.  We accept, fully, the invitation to unite with the Presence beyond the present moment to a place where only we can go.

The beauty of our unstructured approach is that we release all tools and spiritual aids.  In the final step, everything, including all previous teachings that got us to that point, must be released.  We are not naked before God with the exception of having A Course in Miracles in our hand.  That, too, when its purpose is fulfilled, must be released.  The point is to have nothing at all as you commune with the Presence: no spiritual teachings, no mantras, no yogic poses, no specific breath exercises, etc.  We are getting a glimpse at the soul purpose of our journey, our release into nothingness and everything-ness.

Yes, the idea of not having a mantra, a breath exercise, or a statement to read to guide you to a place of inner peace and union can seem daunting and impossible.  But that is the purpose of today.  Trust that you are always met in eternal love regardless of the path you took to get there.  Recognize that you need no path.  You only need stillness.  You only need ask.  And you are there.  Here.  Now.  A place only you can go.

Simplicity is key and that is the order of the day.  Sit in simple stillness and See Her face before you.  Feel Her Presence around you.  Experience only what You can experience of your Self.  This day has been calling you, long before you picked up any spiritual teaching.  This day has called you forward and celebrates in your union.

Be still with the breath that breathes you.  Be still with the Light that fills you.  Be still with the Presence that is You.




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