A Course in Miracles: Lesson 181 Introduction

 Introduction to Lessons 181 – 200

Prior to beginning Lesson 181 yet post Review V we are given a little pep talk. It is as though the coach has called a time out from the sidelines, calling the players over to reaffirm everyone’s commitment to the game plan to ensure a win for the team. In our case, we are the players and the game plan is that of awakening to ensure the salvation of all.

Our Coach gives us a reminder to recall our commitment in order to make it stronger, to look at where we still feel fragmented in our dedication so as to reaffirm the means of our actions. At this juncture in the Course, it is a great idea to do this. No doubt, the person reading these words is not the same person who started Lesson 1. Even if you took a few lessons off, you are still not the same. Your commitment may be more focused or maybe it is something worth being reminded of, as it is easy to just step into the flow of the lessons and forget why we are doing this in the first place. Commitment to something like A Course in Miracles can lead to good habits, but we must still remain aware of our personal dedication to our journey. Thus, take out a journal, or whatever means feels good to you, and ask yourself, “Why are you here? Why do you still want to take this journey?”

Our next steps will also become narrower as we hone in on specific blocks that are keeping up our defenses. You may have already noticed certain areas where your practice is easier than others. “The others” is what we want to focus on from this step forward. As you begin to journal about your commitment, also ask yourself, “What specific blocks are between me and God?” Or you may like the following question, “In what areas do I notice I am choosing to stay asleep or unaware?” Recently, a vision came to mind. It was that of a child with her toe just wading in a pool of water. I heard the Voice of God whisper, “You can’t keep a toe wading in the “crazy pool.” As Children of God, we often do keep a little part of ourselves wading in the “crazy pool” known as the world. What part of you still desires to play around the “crazy pool?” Be honest. There is no harm. You can’t do anything wrong and there is no wrong answer. Remember in your honesty, you will find the safety for your journey.

As we have prepped prior to Review V, our next phase continues to focus on that space beyond words. The words take us to the doorstep but we shall enter into the holy presence and experience an encounter that can only be felt, better yet, remembered. Thus, your words of commitment are all that more important as it is on those words that you will lead yourself beyond your defenses and meet your Guide there. No one can take you where you are going, except yourself, but you will be met by a host of holy beings when you arrive.

As we journey ever onward and upward, I leave you with these other contemplative questions as you reaffirm your commitment to yourself. In your contemplation, celebrate yourself and honor yourself. You have taken up a noble journey and shall never be the same again. The Queendom awaits your next step. Journey On, Dear One! Namaste.

Contemplative Questions:  

  • What led me to picking up A Course in Miracles?
  • What one ACIM lesson do I tend to recall the most in my daily life?
  • What do I desire most, above all things?
  • If I had a plate of my attributes, like a plate of food, what ones do I mind sharing and which ones do want to keep to myself?
  • Do I ever feel God is punishing me in any way for something I have done in my past?
  • In my life, who am I still keeping out of the Light?
  • In what situations do I feel anger, sadness, or unworthiness more readily?
  • I am worthy because I am a Child of God. I feel this when…




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