A Course in Miracles: Lesson 186

Lesson 186

Salvation of the world depends on me. 

Most of us want to know, Why am I here?  What is my purpose in the world?  At the beginning of a spiritual journey the question can be quailed with the response, “Your purpose is to be The Light of the World, a savior, a minister of God.”  It sounds good, doesn’t it?  Thus, you can understand the convincing nature.  Yet, eventually that answer fades if we do not see a justifiable image that relates to the response given. Often, we want the answer to translate to a new job, lover, new home, or more money in our bank accounts.  These, if we do not see a change in our outer world, immediately, we find ourselves back to original question, what is my purpose?

“In lovely contrast, certain as the sun’s return each morning to dispel the night, your truly given function stands out clear and wholly unambiguous.  There is not doubt of its validity.  It comes from One Who knows no error, and His Voice is certain of Its messages.  They will not change, nor be in conflict.  All of them point to one goal, and one you can attain” (ACIM Lesson 186 11:1-5).

What we need to remember is that our question originated in the world, with its answer only to be found in the world.  But have we ever found anything to fulfill our hunger in the world?  Do we not seek to find that we seek, again?  Thus, do we become disheartened on our spiritual journey when the initial response looses its luster.  It sounds good in theory but what is its form, where is something we can see?

Our question does not come from Heaven.  There are no questions in Heaven.  What is there to question?  In our heavenly state, we know our purpose and are certain of our role in it.  We know exactly what to do.  Do you not feel this on a good day when you are connected to Source?  Nothing bothers you and you go about your day certain of your place in the world.  Ah, those are good days.  Truly, days like those are possible every day and how we get there is by addressing The How Factor.

The How Factor is a theory on the spiritual journey that I have investigated closely, as I have gone about days of abiding in my heavenly knowing state to those days where I have no clue why I am here.  As a student of life (and Light), what I have come to explore is that paradigm that occurs on those days of uncertainty, when I know in my heart I am a Child of God.  How can such unknowing live in the heart of one who knows?  If I know my purpose is to aid in the salvation of the world, how can I still linger in questioning my purpose?  This is the bridge that connects knowing and experiencing.  Some call this area, wisdom.

I have jumped in the water and waded around in the murkiness of my falsehood.  I could see the shore, my rightful place in Heaven, but I couldn’t seem to find a way to get there.  Even the idea of just swimming there seems impossible.  Sometimes on a spiritual journey the simple seems impossible; difficult seems more attainable.  Yet each time I have found myself in this place of uncertainty and unable to swim ashore, I have found common link:  The question, “How?”

We fall prey to the question, “How?” many times.  We look around and see someone with the job we want and say, “How did she get there?”  We meet someone who has the perfect partner and wonder, “How did they figure out the secret to a loving relationship?”  We know someone with miraculous abundance and wonder, “How did they get all that fiscal independence?”

I was in New York City last fall.  You want to know HOW I got there?  I flew.  Pardon the joke.  As the story goes, I was walking on the outskirts of Central Park when my partner asked me, “How do you come to live in one of those buildings on Central Park Avenue and overlook Central Park?  It costs a fortune.”  In that moment, I knew the exact answer to his question.  The Holy Spirit whispered in my ear, to then share with my partner, “The person who lives in there, was walking along this avenue one day just like us, but the difference is, that person never asked, “How?”  That person just knew she would be living there.  To that person, it was just a matter of time.”

“All false humility we lay aside today, that we may listen to God’s Voice reveal to us what He would have us do” (ACIM Lesson 186 4:1).

I believe in the truth the Holy Spirit shared with me that day.  A question like, “How?” only maintains our separation.  Albeit to our human minds it is a logical one, yet when you step into your holy power, although your outer world may not match your inner world, you know you are on a journey where those two will inevitably align.  It has to be so.  It is just a matter of time.  And the only role you have is to witness how it unfolds.  How do you get from “A” to “C”?  Just “B(e)”.

So you see, the “How?” is just another ruse.  It is another way of tricking yourself thinking that you must maintain some level of control because how could God get it all figured out?  Mind you, wasn’t She taking care of everything before you even showed up here on earth?  Hasn’t She proved to you over and over again that everything always turns out okay?

You are only being asked to show up, in your role as savior.  In the murky waters I sometimes find myself in, I am only asked to show up on shore.  When simplicity seems impossible, just get more simple and you will see that impossible just means, “I’m Possible.”  And You Are.

“Do as God’s Voice directs.  And if It asks a thing of you which seems impossible, remember Who it is That asks, and who would make denial” (ACIM Lesson 186 12:1-2).

Thus, the question of the hour in a lesson like today is, “How does salvation look in my world?  What form does it take?”  The form is forgiveness and it takes shape in many ways throughout the day, often in a ho-hum, mundane sort of image.  Often in a way that merely asks you to love what Is.  It is the UPS driver that arrives at your door and the smile you give changes his entire day because in his world he believes he is never seen.  It is the clothes that you fold so that your partner comes to find that the entire world isn’t caving in on her with every task that is on her to-do list.  It is the extra change you put in the busker’s cap so that she knows she her divine music is heard.  It is seeing the Light in You so that you see the Light in others.

If you do not see how you are the savior of the world, you are not paying attention.  Often this is because we are caught up wondering how that would look?  And funny enough, it is right there in front of us.  It is just being aware of God, even when it seems simply impossible.

This is an important step on our journey.  As we have been prompted to be honest with our commitment, most likely that included the fact that we wanted the chance to witness God.  We wanted to the chance to be the God that we are.  This is it!

“For Love must give, and what is given in His Name takes on the form most useful in a world of form” (ACIM Lesson 186 13:5).

You say you want a chance.  Step up and give yourself the chance.  Do not wait on the world to show you what you deem to be the “perfect form of God,” nor wait on someone to say, “Here is your chance to take part in the salvation of the world!”  Every moment is your chance.  Every moment is your opportunity to shine in the light of salvation.

How will It look?  Like exactly what you are looking at right now.  It is not a leap.  It is not a dive.  It is loving what Is in every moment, no matter the form.  That is the power of forgiveness.  That is salvation.

Love waits on no one because there is nothing to wait for.  How can something that just IS have to wait?  Why do you wait for what is already yours?

Today, we experience our knowing on a whole new level as were cross the bridge of wisdom.  We let go of trying to translate something formless into form.  We merely listen for the Voice of God as the opportunity for salvation is shown to us.  We let go of The How Factor and abide in our worthiness with all that Is.

From One Savior to Another, Namaste.


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