A Course in Miracles: Review VI Introduction

Review VI:  Introduction

Congratulations!  We have reached a significant milestone as we flow into Review VI.  In the last twenty lessons our focus has been on moving beyond words into spaciousness with the One Who leads us there.  From this place have we been shown our divine love, joy, gratitude, and freedom.  It has also been highlighted that the only one that is keeping us from our Light, is ourselves with our condemning thoughts.  It is not even true that our light is withheld, that too is just a thought.  Thus, with only a shift in perception have we come to feel gratitude for the freedom we never left, only forgotten.

We continue with the theme of freedom as we review one lesson per day, fifteen minutes in the morning and afternoon, in addition to the phrase,

I am not a body.  I am free. 

For I am still as God created me

(ACIM Review VI, Introduction 3:3-5).

That has quite a nice ring to it, yes?  We savor just one exercise a day in order to abide in the space beyond the words.  The words merely serve as a bridge, helping us let go of all thoughts that we think we are and what we believe the world should be, creating space for Truth.  It takes but one reminder and we are Home.  We need not review all concepts at once, as each one is like a single cell in our body, containing the power of the entire Universe.  Yet, like all of our cells working together, all the concepts in conjunction make one heavenly vehicle of remembrance.  Thus, savor each day and the review it offers.  Know that God is using that particular phrase on that day to highlight your freedom in a unique manner.

“Each [lesson] contains the whole curriculum if understood, practiced, accepted, and applied to all the seeming happenings throughout the day.  One is enough.  But from that one, there must be no exception made.  And so we need to use them all and let them blend as one, as each contributes to the whole we learn” (ACIM Review VI, Introduction 2:3-5).

The world continues to be our classroom as in between our morning and evening quiet time, we let our surroundings be our practice ground for embodying each lesson.  And should something come up, in thought or action, we are encouraged to meet it head on.  Not to go around fear but through it, as we are given the following statement from the Course,

“This thoughts I do not want.  I choose instead [insert lesson for the day]”

(ACIM Review VI Introduction 6:2-3).

Beyond this, there is no true structure to this review period.  We abide in Love’s classroom and let the Voice of God whisper in our ears, as opportunities arise to shine our Light upon the world.  We need only let God direct this review.  As Lesson 194 states, “I place the future in the Hands of God,” thus, do we release the review for our highest good and the good of All, as we know our Creator uses each lesson, on a particular day, for a specific reason.  There is no random existence, only divine expression.

“Let us offer Him the whole review we now begin, and let us also not forget to Whom it has been given, as we practice day by day, advancing toward the goal He set for us; allowing Him to teach us how to go, and trusting Him completely for the way each practice period can best become a loving gift of freedom to the world” (ACIM Review VI Introduction 7:4).

As with our other reviews, we shall continue to walk in the presence of the Cosmic Conversation as inspired by pictures, with each one encouraging us to become more aware of the subtle ways in which God shows us Her heavenly message.  Let this be a reminder to you, as you go about your day, to look for those ways in which God is speaking to you.  Is it through words, pictures, music, books, movies, or the smile of a stranger?  Notice how the Divine Hand is using all that is around you to call you Home, with Her beautiful face ceaselessly imprinted on the world asking for your attention.  If you like, each day write down three ways in which you noticed how God showed up on your journey.  Let this spark a flow gratitude, as you know you are not forgotten, but truly remembered and seen for what you are, a Child of God full of radiant Light.

I congratulate you for this milestone of making it past Lesson 200.  No matter how the journey may have looked, and even if you stepped away for while, it was all happening so perfectly.  What matters is that you continue to courageously show up.  That is all it takes, just a little bit of willingness and you are free, as God created you to be.  Namaste.


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