A Walk To The Well

A Walk in Miracles…

Walks to the Well

In honor of our Walk in Miracles, I have decided to take our walk, literally, on a walk.  Starting today, I am embarking on a 125 mile journey to the Well of Mercy, a retreat center in Hamptonville, NC where I go to experience peace, nourishment, and love.  I have been inspired for some time now to take the walk from my front door to the Well, as a modern day pilgrimage.  I will be walking with minimal belongs and abiding in the kindness of others.  As I have prepared for this journey, I have kept asking Spirit, “Where will I lay my head at night?”  The response, “On Love.  You will lay your head on Love.”  That is the miracle, yes?  To let go and be open to how perfection unfolds, knowing that there is only Love.

What I do for myself, I do for others, thus, I walk with you in peace and certainty with every step.  I walk knowing that with each breath we are all on a pilgrimage to the Well within together, experiencing the miracle that is the Light in each of us.  I honor your journey and the pilgrimage we share.

To know more about the Walk to the Well, please see the video below.  Namaste.


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