Walk To The Well Update

The journey changes in each moment. I have succumb to the fact that I do not know where each step will lead me. I do not know how Love will show up…but I do know that it always does. That is the miracle. 

Resistance and I have walked together off and on throughout this pilgrimage but I have had to leave her behind. My vision for this walk is now a blank canvas. Can I walk the entire 125 miles? Sure. But is that the point if I am not in peace? 

I saw a sign today that said, “Love has many choices.” Yes, it does and one of those choices is peace. I am also free to choose suffering and resistance but, why, if peace is also available?  

What does peace look like? It looks and feels different with every step and with every breath. It flows like a river. It takes a different shape with the landscape of the moment. In particular on this journey, it has looked like a planned walk from my home to The Well of Mercy, but other times it has looked like asking for help from an angel when my body said, “We can walk no more today.” 

Love is letting go. It never lets go of me but I release all things unlike love, which means my plans and expectations. It is beyond wondering where I will lay my head at night. Love is in the mystery of each moment. To think I can plan my next step is foolish, much less later in the day of where I will sleep. The miracle is the mystery and the courage to stand in a moment bare until the next step is lit, asking for your presence in the flow. The miracle is the union of you and Love (God) meeting in the unpredictableness as you stand naked without “your will and wishes.” It is “Thy Will Be Done,” and stepping into that.

I know you would like more details but there are too many to share with my limited resources at the moment. They are to come. But I will leave you with this. The world is full of Love. Angels walk the Earth freely. And you are the miracle you have been looking for. The miracle shows up only because you do. 

I continue to be ever grateful for this journey, however it unfolds. I walk. I stand. I pause. And breath in the mystery. 

May you all be blessed and feel the love transmitted through these words. We walk this journey, all journeys, together. Namaste. 


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