Remember, Remember…Surrender to November.

Remember, Remember…Surrender to November

It is another first day of a new month.  No matter which hemisphere you abide in on the globe, this time of year always brings a certain amount of change.  You are either gearing up for the blossoming of spring or falling more closing to the hibernation of winter.  Both represent a beautiful time of change, as reflected by nature.  Isn’t it perfect how the trees know to shed their leaves and have no worry about where they will fall?  Isn’t it beautiful when nature knows it is time to bloom without any sort of planning or effort?  It is miraculous.

Nature teaches us the ultimate lesson, surrender.  Surrendering to what is to come, knowing that you have exactly what you need to blossom at just the right moment; not too late or too early.  Also, surrendering what no longer serves a purpose, so we can make space for what is to come.  Nature is “Goldilocks.”  Everything is “just right.”  Not too cold, not too hot, not too big, not too small, not too hard, or too soft.  Nature reflects to us everything is perfect as it is, even in its transition.

Thus, as we dawn on a new month, preparing to celebrate another year completed and another year to come, what can you begin to surrender in this month of November?  Can you go beyond any specific item to a place where you surrender to the mystery of each moment?  A place where you abide in a space of pure abandon, trusting in the Voice for God.

This is also a month, where particularly on the 5th, many countries celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, a day that commemorates the member arrested in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in Great Britain.  The day has shifted in meaning over the centuries from coinciding to pagan holidays to other festivals held around the world.  Today, many countries celebrate, rather tongue in cheek, as fireworks are set off on Guy Fawkes Night.  The humor is that Guy Fawkes was arrested for guarding explosives under the House of Lords in Britain.  A day of celebration that has a touch of irony.  Perfect, yes?

Thus, November is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the irony that what you have been seeking has been with you all along, YOU.  The God you have been searching for, the peace you have desired, and the love you have longed to feel, all existed within you all along.  All you had to do was let go and let it be shown to you.

Surrender to your natural state, God known as You.  Surrender anything you thought you were or where you thought you would be by the end of this year, and come back to the simplicity of your Being.  A Being that is truly knowing, loving, and perfect.  A Being that releases all questions, plans, and outcomes.  A spiritual Being having a human experience.

There are many miracles that surround us if we only surrender.  If we merely wipe our agenda from our eyes and see God dressed up as the world.  Dare to be the leaf that effortlessly sheds and falls.  Dare to be the flower the easefully blooms.  Remember, remember….Surrender to November.



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