A Course in Miracles: Part II, Introduction

Part II


There is nowhere to go but forward, as we prepare for our final lessons in A Course in Miracles.  As you have probably noticed, between Review V and VI, the emphasis has heavily been more and more on experiencing the words rather than merely repeating a lesson or its concepts.  Specifically, we slowed down our pace in Review VI as we reflected on just one lesson rather than the usual two given during the typical review periods.  Thus, we have come to Part II in A Course in Miracles where we release the words, rest in silence, and fully experience God.

“For now we seek direct experience of truth alone” (ACIM Part II, Introduction 1:3).

From this point forward, we let go of any particular structure in how we practice, yet we are reminded how easy it is for the human mind to forget and go back to the habit of the slumbered, illusory experience.  As we take more responsibility for how we arrive to each lesson, we recall that we are here as spiritual beings with the pure intention to know ourselves as God.  With this clear intention, we are sure to experience each lesson throughout all the moments of the day: morning, evening, and hourly.  If our commitment is to know God, and knowing each other as God, then no moment will be without the recognition of Her Presence.

“Now do we come to Him with but His word up on our minds and hearts, and wait for Him to take the step to us that He has told us, through His Voice, He would not fail to take when we invited Him” (ACIM Part II, Introduction 4:1).

In our awareness, we energetically show up to each moment, prepared to meet with our Creator.  Yet, how will She appear?  That is the miraculous mystery.  God is a stationary yet moving target.  The epitome of dichotomy.  She is stationary in that She always shows up.  That is guaranteed.  She is dynamic in that She takes the form most appropriate for the moment.  That is Her perfection, and Yours.  However the form or presence, She is Here, always, and is taking the final step in our journey to salvation, as promised.  In the following lessons, we experience that this is so.

Thus, we walk forward as we encounter certain themes of the Course that further our insight into our True Nature, reflecting our choice to awaken.  It was an ancient choice we made long ago, lifetimes ago, and now we walk forward to watch it play out. We walk forward to be a part of the experience and the awakening of not only ourselves, but of all.  You not only know too much at this point, but you have experienced too much and felt too much, to ever go back that person who cracked open A Course in Miracles.  Even in that, do you see, since Lesson 1, how the transformation has been done for you not by you.  All you had to do was show up and the rest was taken care of.

“We look not backward now.  We look ahead, and fix our eyes upon the journey’s end” (ACIM Part II, Introduction 6:3-4).

The final part of the journey is not taken by us, but for us, by our Creator.  Each lesson, we come in silent gratitude as we await Her glorious presence.  And with an open, pure, and loving heart, we step forward and experience the Ultimate Miracle.  I can’t wait to see how this will look upon your eyes and heart.  Until then, just feel…


In gratitude, we walk forward together as One, as we explore an integrated experience of God.  There is no starting over.  The God within You is being set free.  Namaste.

“Take a breath 

And let it out

No starting over  

Put my bones into the ground

You can’t go backwards  

 If I’m all that is

And I’m all that was

And I’m all that is to come…”




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