A Course in Miracle: Lesson 228

Lesson 228

God has condemned me not.  No more do I. 

“Father, I was mistaken in myself, because I failed to realize the Source from Which I came.  I have not left that Source to enter in a body and to die.  My holiness remains a part of me, as I am part of You.  And my mistakes about myself are dreams.  I let them go today.  And I stand ready to receive Your Word alone for what I really am”

(ACIM Lesson 228 2:1-6).

Pause for a moment.  Close your eyes…but not before you read this…You are the Light of the World.  You are the Light that lights up Heaven.  You are Who life is excited to see each day and each moment.  You are Who the world is excited to meet, just as You are.  You are perfect.  You are whole.  You are holy.  You are safe.  You are held.  You are comforted.  You are abundant.  You are divine.  You are love.  

Feel into what you have just read, just as you would the prayer above.  Feel your divinity.  Feel that you are connected to Source.  Feel your space in Heaven.  Believe this is so.  Experience this is so.  You never were, nor could be, opposite to any of this.  This is what it means to know, deeply at a cellular level, that you are a Child of God.  This experience of knowing never leaves you and always welcomes you, should you want to identify with the world around you.  You cannot escape your Truth, which is our offering of freedom.

These lessons are so beautiful in that we are, once more, led to claim our own forgiveness.  Seeing the Light in others is often easier than seeing it, and believing it, in ourselves.  It is easy to compare to another and say, “Wow, her Light is so bright.  He is so amazing, of course, everything he touches turns to gold,” setting us up with the obstacle of claiming, declaring, and living that Truth that is the same in ourselves as it is in others.  As a friend once told me, “You spot it…You got it!”

Part II of the lessons, teaches us how God takes the final step for us.  Yet as we have been shown in the section on forgiveness that God can only reach us if we recognize our own Light.  In see our own divinity, we know we are more than worthy of reaching out to meet God’s hand and Her embrace.  We recognize the Light of God, only because we recognize it in ourselves.  Again, “You spot it…You got it!”

God never condemned you.  Only you did.  But to that, you say, “No more.”  Claim, declare, and live the Light that you are.  Life, including this world, is waiting for you to do so.  As by doing so, you become the savior of the world, letting us all know, through your experience of living, that we can all choose Light, Love, and Peace.  Namaste.




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