A Course in Miracles: Lesson 237

Lesson 237

Now would I be as God created me.

“Christ is my eyes today, and He the ears that listen to the Voice for God today.  Father, I come to You through Him Who is Your Song, and my true Self as well.  Amen” (ACIM Lesson 237 2:1-3).

We may not know what anything is or what it is for, but what we do know is that no matter how life shows up, we can always us it as a means to explore the light within.  The gift in each moment is to experience how Love reveals itself.  It is being able to witness how Love flows through us and out into the world around us.

As we get closer to our Light, like days like today, the ego may want to rear its head as a means of distracting you from the realization of salvation.  Sometimes the brighter our light, the steeper the contrast of dark.  It can make the spiritual journey feel like anything but a spiritual journey and more like a prison.  It can make the moments before you picked up a book like A Course in Miracles seem more joyful than the journey in miracles you have been taking.  As scary as some of these moments may feel and no matter how much you may wonder, “Where is the Light?” it is always within you.  The journey, as we explore it today, is to witness the world, and your fear, through the eyes of Love.

Fear can be seen through the eyes of Love.  That is how it is transformed.  Love on the other hand, is awfully tough to be seen through the eyes of fear.  We gladly accept our inheritance today, with the key word being, “accept.”  We allow the flow of Love to move through us and to let this vibration light our awareness.  We can feel the presence of fear, anger, resentment, exhaustion, loss, violence, misunderstanding, and the entire gamut of emotions, yet with Love leading our being and our vision, we can experience that Love is the container which holds it All.  And with that, it transforms all.

Effort does not prevail in a Walk in Miracles.  Effort only creates resistance.  Our natural state is that of flow and ease and in order to do that, acceptance of our True Nature is asked.  You are as you were created to be, as Love.  Trust and know that the Light you are shines in ways that the human mind or the human world could not comprehend.  The point is not for the world to realize you are Christ but for you to BE Christ.  The Reality of your journey is beyond fear and death, but to get there, you must walk towards your True Identity and through all illusions.  Your Home is beyond such things and that is your true destination.  You walk there today.  You are already there today.  Namaste.



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