A Course in Miracles: Lesson 240

Lesson 240

Fear is not justified in any form.  

“How foolish are our fears!  Would You allow Your Son to suffer?  Give us faith today to recognize Your Son, and set him free. Let us forgive him in Your Name, that we may understand his holiness, and feel the love for him which is Your Son as well” (ACIM Lesson 240 2:1-4).

Throughout our Walk in Miracles, we have been called many times to observe our fears and to experience the valuelessness in them.  If you notice, each moment is an invitation to experience that fear is meaningless.  As with other thoughts unlike love, fear passes by like a cloud in the sky, leaving each moment with the gift of the awareness that only love is real.

So subtle is the slope of fear.  As you abide throughout this day with the thought, “Fear is not justified in any form,” be vigilant and listen to the words you say, observe the thoughts you think, and notice the actions you take.  Where does fear still linger in the most astute way?  How does it artfully show up when you are talking with a colleague or friend?  How does it slightly clinch the body?

There is no case in which fear is real.  Yet there are instances where we continue to defend it: politics, relationships, finances, natural disasters, the unknown, and especially death.  Arguing for our fears is like arguing for our smallness.  We are free to do so but why would we when we know we are an eternal energy of love?  To no longer justify fear, we must look within.  We must be willing to walk with our fears and sleep with them, in order to see how transparent they are.

We are not waiting for an outer world to tell us we are safe, we know this from this inside out.  We experience this because we are open to miracles; the miracle that we are an eternal energy of love.   As a Child of God, nothing can do us true harm.  Yes, the body feels pain and sadness, but there is a soul that encapsulates this body and celebrates every experience had in this vessel.  To trust in love, and not fear, is truly living as a Child of God.  It is the true meaning of a living savior.  Come today to experience how safe you truly are.  Worry is an old habit.  Love is how we now live.  Namaste.



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