A Course in Miracles: What is the World?

3.  What is the World? 

Now, our focus changes in Part II towards examining the world we created.  Leading up to this point, we have delved more deeply into forgiveness, recognizing that it steers us into living our salvation, where nothing has ever harmed us and we have never harmed another.  Our next step is one in which we will explore the salvation we can offer the world through our unified vision of it.  In doing so, we will learn more about our Holy Sight and attune our other senses to that of God, perceiving that Heaven is right here on earth.

Our bodies serve as a perfect vehicle for the idea of separation, creating a physical boundary between us and the world we see.  Yet what was used for a means of division can also be used for unification.  The way Home is not a different route from the one in which we took to leave it.  The idea of separation and the world we see is merely an idea, and has never left its source.  The world we see has been a string of thoughts playing off of one another, where ironically we have left just enough room between each one to allow for a U-turn.  In the world we created, we have been so brilliant to already include an exit ramp to Heaven, and that exit ramp, is just turning around and turning within.

“The world is false perception.  It is born of error, and it has not left its source.  It will remain no longer than the thought that gave it birth is cherished” (ACIM 3. What is the World?  1:1-3).

Correcting our vision of the world is only a shift in perception, a miracle.  We do not have to purposely rebuild the world around us, as by listening for the Voice of God and seeing with the eyes of Christ, the world is automatically transformed.  As we give our bodies to God, we will begin to perceive the heavenly existence around us and through our experience, our brothers and sisters will take notice, as our steps light the way for them to join us.  One Savior will lead Another.

“As sight was made to lead away from the truth, it can be redirected.  Sounds become the call of God, and all perception can be given a new purpose but the One Whose God appointed Savior to the world” (ACIM 3. What is the World? 4:1-2).

We do not wait for the world to change but rather we transform into the Real Change that changes everything.  We let go of the, “When this happens, then that…” cycle of living and just become THAT.  That which is holy.  That which has never left its Source.  That which was created as the Savior of the World, where all correction abides and is extended as a gift to humanity.

What we created in curiosity, the world, can be easily corrected as our interest deepens more towards that of Truth.  The next part of the journey tips the scale, as our vision aligns with the Oneness among us.  In attuning our senses to God, we will walk in the miraculous presence that already abides here on earth, Heaven.  We come to know that the One Holy World has never changed.  What was just a thought, now returns to its source.  Namaste.





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