A Course in Miracles: Lesson 243

Lesson 243

Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

“Father, today I leave creation free to be itself.  I honor all its parts, in which I am included.  We are one because each part contains Your memory, and truth must shine in all of us as one” (ACIM Lesson 243 2:1-3).

A good mantra for today is, “I free myself.  I free you.  And I free the world.”  Blessed is our true freedom to experience this world as explorative Children of God.  We are all part of the whole, in which our presence is essential for the functioning of Heaven.  As we release ourselves, others, and the world from any expectations, including, but not limiting to, roles or identities, we free a Child of God to explore her or his own divinity which can only add the to the perfection of All, regardless of how that may look to the outer world and us.

Today is a juicy lesson, as we experience not judging.  Let us make a clarification that there is a big difference between judgement and discernment.  When we stand in judgment, we try to read a situation based on our past experience, and usually use that to guess the future.  In doing so, we do not take into account the present moment.  On the other hand, when we discern, we tune into the moment at hand and make a decision based on the essence of that moment, not the past or the future, which has been freed already.

God’s presence speaks to us in our discerning moments, as we decide to turn left or right, go up or down, go this movie or that, move here or there, etc.  It is the ego that wants to plan ahead and project out to the future based on the past.  Judgement does not take into account the NOW.  Discernment does.  Christ only knows certainty, and that, dear brothers and sisters, is discernment in action.

The initial lessons in A Course in Miracles, gives us plenty of reasons why it does no use to judge anything.  It is a wasted energy.  For example, if you are feeling tired, how often do you judge yourself for being tired by saying, “I shouldn’t be tired.  I don’t want to be tired because I want to do XYZ.  I’m tired but I can’t afford to take care of myself in that way right now.”  The more we lament over why we are tired, the more energy we are expending.  And in this example, if one is tired, where did that energy come from to fight, even mentally, being tired?  Thus, whatever energy is left in the tank is used to judge and critique the situation rather than being discerning and loving in the moment by saying, “I am tired.  Okay, I will take a rest now.”  Or you can say, “Okay, I am tired.  I feel that.  I cannot take a break right now but I will not judge myself or wish I were doing something else.  I know the right time for rest will come exactly when it is supposed to.”  This is only a small example but we can extrapolate it to any situation we encounter.  It is just showing up to each moment armed fully in Love rather than comparison.

“I will not think that I already know what must remain beyond my present grasp.  I will not think I understand the whole from bits of my perception which are all that I can see” (ACIM Lesson 243 1:2-3).

The cycle of judgement, like fear, can be very addicting and tempting.  Think about the times you part from a friend and mention to another friend what you think the other should or should not do.  How often do you judge the decisions of others?  You may not tell the exact party involved but what about what you say to another?  Or even think?  The gift of today is found in those small moments as our thoughts pass by.  Notice how the true opportunity is often not found in our actions or words, but more so in our thoughts, which funny enough, lead to the former.  Can we abide in silence and just love and bless others and ourselves, leaving aside any need to compare, fix, or alter anything?

Lesson 25 states, “I do not know what anything is for,” and this is the simple truth that steers us from judgement to love.  We do not know the meaning or purpose of anything except that it is for the betterment of all.  We know we have never done anything wrong nor could do anything wrong, thus we rest in the presence of our salvation, which takes place NOW.  The small mind wants to analyze, critique, judge, and figure out, which is only based on the past or the fear of the future.  If you come back to the present breath, as we do throughout today, we recognize that it is impossible to judge if we are truly in the NOW.  In the present moment, we can only flow with God’s Love and see where it leads.

In God’s flow, we are showered with many blessings, such as freedom.  We are all part of the holy whole.  An individual journey taken together as One.  In our mantra today, “I free myself.  I free you.  And I free the world,” let us be vigilant in letting all beings, including families with varied histories, governments, and politicians, go with each breath.  As we free ourselves, we automatically free others.  You must be the one willing to let go, first.  You must be the one willing to not utter words of judgment, first.  You are the Eternal Trailblazer and your living example, starts NOW.

Notice the subtleties in your thoughts, words, and actions today.  Do not judge the moment but be an explorer of the moment.  Look upon each interaction, internal and external, with curiosity.  Take an interest in your inner and outer terrain and see where you can love more and judge less.  Purify your intentions and you will move from a space that does not add more unnecessary noise or energy to the world but rather you will stand in the presence of I AM, the Savior of the world.  And in doing so, will you multiply and extend the Love that heals All.  Namaste.




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