A Course in Miracles: Lesson 246

Lesson 246

To love my Father is to love His Son.  

“I will accept the way You choose for me to come to You, my Father.  For in that will I succeed, because it is Your Will.  And I would recognize that what You will is what I will as well, and only that.  And so I choose to love Your Son.  Amen” (ACIM Lesson 246 2:1-5).

Recall, we are still exploring the idea of “the world.”  Our outer world and inner world are one, and as we have witnessed, the corresponding lessons not only deal with seeing Christ in ourselves but also as a reflection in our surroundings.  Our lives are the living relationship in this two-fold experience, as both are one in the same.

Today’s lesson inspires two words:  compassion and patience.  When we gaze at the outer world, it appears easy to find those who are in a state of suffering.  It is a beautiful invitation for all us, as learn to have compassion for our fellow angels, because we can all fully relate to their unhappiness, as we, too, have experienced suffering.  Albeit, our experience may be different, we can all share in the knowing of what it is like to be in a less than desirable state of emotion or circumstance.  We have tasted their current experience and can honor what it means to be stuck in the human body and journey.  In our candor, we have all acquired to look upon the world with loving eyes of understanding.

We recognize that it is a Child of God having an exploration of what it means to suffer.  We do not know the purpose for that soul’s particular pilgrimage in this manner but we know it is part of the perfection of The Path Home.  We see the Light in another but we do not feel sorry for that Light, as that is compassion overloaded and unbalanced.  Thus, we walk the fine line of treating others, and ourselves, with a sweet softness of understanding.  We serve others as we can but not out of sympathy but rather compassion.  We honor our shared journey while also honoring the unique flavor we each bring to it.  We do not take an experience away from another.  We merely see the Light through it.

Loving a Daughter of God, also invites patience.  We may see another suffering for what we feel like is no reason at all.  It is often easier to see the opportunity for a miracle, a shift in perception, in another than it is in ourselves.  We may look upon the world and say, “The answer is so simple, choose love.” Or, “Just get out of that horrible relationship or job.  Easy PZ.”  You would be correct in that the way out of suffering is simple, however, to the human mind who likes to complicate things, it often does not appear that easy…at least until one gets the hang of it.  Thus, we treat our fellow brothers and sisters, and ourselves, with the patience to let love unfold as it will.  We can only fully learn by experience, thus we give the world the space, without judgement, to explore the entire spectrum of the journey, even if that means love is the last option exercised.

To fully love God’s creation is to love yourself.  Today is the perfect opportunity to practice the golden rule, “Treat others as you would treat yourself.”  The journey of exploring our world, inner and outer, is a call to love more.  You turn on the TV and see horrible news, love that.  You hate that you have to love the horrible news, love that too.  A friend doesn’t come through on a promise, love that and your friend too.  If we are fully honest with ourselves, what we really want more of for ourselves is a bit more compassion and patience, as we journey through the process of awakening.  Compassion, as we practice loving more.  Patience, as we take a pause to do so rather than rush into reacting to the world.

I recently took a redeye flight from the west coast.  Prior to boarding, I noticed a child, about four years old that was being cared for by his father.  I could tell by their interaction that this child was being soothed and calmed by this masculine figure. I looked even more closely and could tell, energetically, that this child was in a vulnerable state for one reason or another.  As we got closer to boarding, each of his parents took turns going to the bathroom and this changed what was a vulnerable state to one of pure fear and rage.  As the parents exchanged care, this child would cry for the other.  Then as the family reunited, the child, now in a full state of rage, could not come back to calm.  The parents were doing the best they could.  You could sense they were embarrassed and were rushing to calm their child down prior to boarding.  Also, if there were white conversation bubbles over each person’s head in the terminal, you could read, “Please don’t let that child sit next to me.  That child better stop crying before we get on the plane.  Oh no, just what I need!  A crying child!”  No doubt the parents knew the thoughts of the surrounding passengers without any such conversation bubble to reiterate it.  It was written all over everyone’s face.

It was an interesting event to witness.  At first, yes, my particular conversation bubble said, “Please let this child stop before we get on the plane.  I really want to sleep my way to the east coast.”  But then, as I watched the child from afar, I tuned into his energy field with compassion and patience.  I could feel his angst and anger.  I knew what he was feeling because I had felt that way before.  I could relate.  From times when I was a child to even an adulthood, I have been triggered in this human form to an inexhaustible state of fear, anger, and sadness.  I have felt emotions and situations that I did not know how to process or work through, leaving this feeling of being trapped in my own body, which gave me shared expression as seen in this child before me.

Energetically, we have all been there, in particular those who are very empathetic and feel the energy of the world and cosmos moving through them at such a striking rate.  I looked at this Child of God, and I saw myself.  I, too, have felt suffering and wanted a situation to go away or a feeling in my body to get unstuck.  I, too, have had to rest in a place where nothing would work, even the love of those around me.  I, too, have been triggered into such a place of deep sadness and anger that I didn’t know what to do with myself.  And like this child at the boarding gate, it sometimes has not happened at the most opportune moments for others or myself.  But such is the journey of compassion and patience.  If we see each other as a Child of God, we are free to appreciate all points on the pilgrimage Home, in ourselves and in those we encounter.  The Will of God is to love and when we meet each moment appreciating our unified Will, our Oneness shines above any perceived differences or inconveniences on our journey, even on a random redeye flight.

Today, offer yourself and fellow angels love in the form of compassion and patience.  Explore the line where you give the adequate space to let perfection unfold, while also holding the vibration of love as we share in this journey together.  Loving more means choosing You, God, and all of God’s creations.  Choosing Love is the work of the living Christ.  Namaste.



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