A Course in Miracles: Lesson 253

Lesson 253

My Self is ruler of the universe. 

“You are the Self Whom You created Son, creating like Yourself and one with You.  My Self, Which rules the universe, is but Your Will in perfect union with my own, which can but offer glad assent to Yours, that it may be extended to Itself” (ACIM Lesson 253 2:1-2).

Today’s lesson highlights the importance of our thoughts and actions, which are extremely powerful, as they send ripples throughout the cosmos.  We pause and become aware of how we our extending our energy within ourselves and out to others.  Are we creating a kinder world or are we adding to the fear by our thoughts, actions, and words?

Often, such a lesson triggers the idea, “I created this horrible situation I am in and am deserving of it.”  That is not the message at all but rather another trick of the ego.  You never deserve to be in a harmful situation nor in an unhappy one.  Remember that God Wills your happiness (Lesson 101:  God’s Will for me is perfect happiness).  As this is life, it may be the case that we find ourselves in a traumatic situation.  Instead of getting caught up in the mindset that we created it for ourselves, we can shift to the idea, “I have the power and initiative to get out of this situation and into one where my Light as a Child of God shines.”  Drama and trauma appears to be more plausible sometimes in our outer world, however happiness and peace are in equal opportunity.  The only requirement is the miracle, the shift in perception.

Also, a lesson such as today has the opportunity to inflate the ego with the idea that it is the ruler of the universe.  The way to distinguish between the ego and the Voice for God on a day like today is to focus on your true intent in each moment.  Is it for the good of all, knowing that everything flows in perfection, even when it may not appear so?  Or is your focus on just getting what you want, where maybe it helps others but mostly it centers on you?  Usually, what serves only the ego is not necessarily good for the whole.  Thus, we come to experience that the thoughts, actions, and words inspired by God are always used to promote the good of all.

The ruler of the cosmos, Your Self, is much greater than the small mind, proving your magnificence.  It is the power that is contained in our Light, not the light contained in said power, as our light must come first.  It is our potential beyond measure that we touch upon today.  We reflect and experience how we have the ability to heal, love, and create peace throughout the world.  We do not wait on such faculties.  Our power and magnificence wait for us.  Namaste.





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