A Course in Miracles: Lesson 257

Lesson 257

Let me remember what my purpose is.

“Father, forgiveness is Your chosen means for our salvation.  Let us not forget today tag we can have no will but Yours.  And thus our purpose must be yours as well, if we would reach the peace You will for us” (ACIM Lesson 257 2:1-3).

Remembering our commitment to God is key, however there is something more to that and that is living it.  Until the scale is fully tipped and we live as fully awakened and integrated beings, for a moment we can be swayed by the world and can begin comparing and contrasting our experience, feeling as though we are in lack of something or are in need of something; forgetting that our only purpose here is to forgive.  We start chasing after things in the world when all we need do is be still and listen for the Voice of God.  Thus, today, speaks of the importance of remembering and living our deepest commitment to Source.

“If I forget my goal I can be but confused, unsure of what I am, and thus conflicted in my actions.  No one can serve contradicting goals and serve them well” (ACIM Lesson 257 1:1-2).

If we veer away from our purpose in God, we begin to feel lost in this world.  Often, as we walk through our spiritual journey we wonder, “How can I be reading and doing all this spiritual stuff but still feel so lost, sad, or alone?”  It is because it takes more than reading and doing.  It takes being.  We can have all the knowledge of ancient texts but if we are not fully committing to living life in God’s Will, it will still feel as though we are lost souls without an ounce of answers.  Yet we know this to be untrue.  Thus, remember, remember, remember.  If you recall from Lesson 71, Only God’s plan for salvation will work, we were given three beautiful questions to ask God:

“What would You have me do? 

Where would You have me go? 

What would You have me say, and to whom? (9:3-5)  

Imagine not just starting a day with these questions but each breath.  How powerful our commitment would be if we paused for a moment to be guided in God’s purpose for us.  We cannot escape correcting “the one mad idea” at the root level.  It is not the symptoms that need to be rectified but the cause, and God’s Will would have us cure the cause once and for all through forgiveness.  The forgiveness that we never left Home and forgiveness for what we thought we or someone else has done.  We go past the symptoms to the purity of our purpose.  Yes, it is simple.  Just forgive.  Your purpose is easily filled, if your heart be pure.  As you abide in silence with the Comforter today, commit yourself fully to your purpose and let Her lead you through the three questions She gave you to ask.  Allow Her to guide you beyond the cause and directly to Your shared Home.  Namaste.

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