A Course in Miracles: Lesson 271

Lesson 271

Christ’s is the vision I will use today.

“Father, Christ’s vision is the way to You.  What He beholds invites Your memory to be restored to me.  And this I choose to be what I would look upon today” (ACIM Lesson 271 2:1-3).  

In the first lines of Lesson 271, we are reminded of the power of choice.  The choice we have to choose whether we see a world of love or one of fear: a world that only wants the best for all or a world that only wants our demise.  Our outer world does not have the power to choose, but You and I do.  Of course, the world can look chaotic and terrifying but we have the choice to meet the world with the lightness of peace and calm.  Abiding in the vision of Christ, we can see the calm in the chaos.  We can see the peace in what appears as purgatory.  What do you want your truth to be?  Truth (with a capital “T”) or truth?

“Each day, each hour, every instant, I am choosing what I want to look upon, the sounds I want to hear, the witnesses to what I want to be the truth for me” (ACIM Lesson 271 1:1).

Today, we are encouraged to see the face of God, listen to Voice of God, and observe how the God within and around us chooses to play in this playground of life.  Holding all we see as innocent Children of God, any thought of separation disappears.  We can witness God known as Sue purchasing avocados from the supermarket.  We can witness God known as Steve dancing to the beat of his own beautiful drum.  And we can witness God known as those creating havoc in the world as displaying clever reminders for each of us to remember no matter what we see, we are always in choice.  No matter the chaos or calm, if always seek and see the face of God, the Son and Daughter of God, in others, we know all is well and all is perfect.  In earnest, this is where we all truly meet and abide, always.

“In Christ’s sight, the world and God’s creation meet, and as they come together all perception disappears” (ACIM Lesson 271 1:3).

Take many moments today to really SEE.  Let the Voice of God guide you within to the Christ that you are so that you can see the Christ that is all around you, in all the many shapes, sizes, and forms.  Come to love the array of colors of Christ that abide in this beautiful painting known as life.  Come to love the color that is unique to you but also that connects you to us all.  Namaste.



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