A Course in Miracles: Lesson 280

Lesson 280 

What limits can I lay upon God’s Son?  

Today let me give honor to Your Son, for thus alone I find the way to You.  Father, I lay no limits on the Son You love and You created limitless.  The honor I give to him is Yours, and what is Yours belongs to me as well (ACIM Lesson 279 2:1-3).  

What limits can we lay upon the Children of God, truly?  The answer is, none.  In Reality, there are no limits we can place upon ourselves, our fellow brothers and sisters, and God.  Once more the fact that we can pretend to place any limits at all on a boundless being is the sole (soul) proof we have of our limitless nature.  It is the grandest trick we could ever play on ourselves.  Even bigger than hiding all answers to our existence within our own hearts.

We are the chains, the lock, and the holy key that undoes it all.  By our own nature and birthright, we are beyond what the human mind can fathom.  We are the overcomers of death and darkness.  We are the dispellers of illusions.  We are the bringers of Light.  What limits can we truly place on such magnificent beings?  None.  We are the allness of potentiality, the nothingness of limitation, and the ONE key that unleashes it all.  Namaste.


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