A Course in Miracles: What Is the Holy Spirit?

7.  What Is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is an aspect of consciousness living in the dream: the bridge between reality and Reality: the rainbow, with all seven beautiful colors, linking the yellow brick road to Oz. She is God’s messenger living in the world, understanding our plight, but not fooled by the madness we have devised. The Holy Spirit is the crack in the door that sheds light on the darkness we created, the holy essence that waits patiently for our awareness.

The language of the Holy Spirit is that of forgiveness, the key to the Queendom, which is ultimately, the forgiveness for that which has never even occurred. The Holy Spirit is the link to Truth and the knowledge of our holiness and perfection. Thankfully, She cannot be fooled by our games and our thoughts of littleness, because as a servant of God, She knows all to well of our holiness.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit is a translation from God that we can understand in this living dream we created. It is a Voice that is spoken based upon our readiness and a Voice that uses the lessons around us as a means of awakening us to this sacred conversation. This Voice is a gift.

“Accept your Father’s gift. It is a Call from Love to Love, that It be but Itself. The Holy Spirit is His gift, by which the quietness of Heaven is restored to God’s beloved Son” (ACIM 7. What is the Holy Spirit? 5:1-3).

The Holy Spirit is God’s gift and a means of meeting us exactly where we are. It is a means of bringing our awareness to the Divinity we have been ignoring, Love calling to Love. It is this holy bridge, rainbow, and pulsating consciousness that is one of our greatest teachers leading us Home.

What does the Holy Spirit sound like or look like? That is what we will come to experience more and more in the following lessons. Just as we learned from our last section, 6. What is the Christ?, be open to allowing God to move and flow in Her grandness, letting us do the same with the Holy Spirit. You may hear her in the words of a friend, see Her in the eyes of a precious animal, feel her in the presence of a Spirit Guide such as Mary Magdalene or another saint, sage, or ascended master. The Voice may also be purely the Voice of God spoken directly to your heart. Thus, let us walk forward in miracles with the following lessons, as we fully experience how the Holy Spirit is ever-present in our pilgrimage to the Heart. Namaste.



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