A Course in Miracles: Lesson 282

Lesson 282

I will not be afraid of love today.

“Father, Your Name is Love and so is mine.  Such is the truth.  And can the truth be changed by merely giving it another name?  The name of fear is simply a mistake.  Let me not be afraid of truth today” (ACIM Lesson 282 2:1-5).

This world is so plentiful, truly.  In particular this world and its inhabitants are so plentiful in the art of lessons.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and come morning, noon, or night.  We are never without the divine message to return to love.  For example, in the early hours this morning I was swimming with a coached group when the coach leaned over my lane, describing the next part of our workout, and said, “Choose whichever swim stroke you wish but just don’t limit yourself.”  And there it was, my divine message given by a divine messenger, “Just don’t limit yourself.”  The day had only just begun and my swim practice was already aligning with my practice in Love.  In the pool, I was asked to practice the art of fearlessness and neutrality; to not be afraid of the backstroke, butterfly stroke, breaststroke, or freestyle.  The practice was to embrace all swim stokes and see them as neutral from one another.  Thus, not seeing any one of them in fear or as something I lacked to do correctly.  I met the prescribed swim set with a sense of joy, as I knew I was not only swimming in this water bound by lanes and yardage, rather I was swimming consciously in a depth much deeper in the holy, limitless water of life.  This is how profound a subtle statement, and miracle, can be.

I do not think it ironic that I came home and opened up A Course in Miracles to see this particular lesson for today.  I see the perfection in it.  I see it as the conversation the Holy Spirit is having with me, through the words of the Course and through the words of my swim coach.  It is a reminder to not be afraid of all the facets of love, just as not to be afraid of any aspect of a particular hobby, interest, relationship, journey, etc.

Often, we skirt away from what brings us joy because we are scared.  Scared of getting something wrong.  Scared of rejection.  Scared of being seen.  Scared of not being seen.  And just scared in general without even attaching a reason to it.  And yes, although we do desire love, we have to admit that at times we are scared of it.  That is the real flavor of the journey and one that is particular to each one of us.  Luckily, the Holy Spirit speaks uniquely to each of us and guides us through any mistaken fear we may have.  The Holy Spirit knows of our tricks and brand of fear and ever so gently awakens us to our own means of sabotage.

Tasting how powerful Love can be, can be frightening.  But only if you let it.  Today is about claiming that Love that is You.  It is about wading through the waters of any fear you have about loving your Self, knowing your worth, perfection, and light, and arriving to the shores of receiving your birthright and witnessing that reflection in the world around you.  Can you let down any defenses and fully embrace the love you are and the love that surrounds you?

I had always heard the butterfly stroke was the toughest in the swimming repertoire.  When I first learned it myself, I thought about the symbol of a butterfly:  transformation, resurrection, change, and rebirth.  Although the stroke was, and is, physically tough, each time I leave the wall to swim it, it ignites in me this fearless shift.  In each breath, I am transformed and baptized in the holy waters of the Heart.  It is a physical manifestation of my spiritual lessons in this life.  It is my personal conversation with the Holy Spirit right in broad daylight and with others around.  We are always swimming in such reminders to not be afraid of the Love, with its deep powers and all, that we are.

I have a ritual each time I get out of the pool.  I go to the shallow end, dip under the water, and do a handstand.  It is my reminder to not take life, or swimming, so seriously.  Wherever I find this body in space and physical location is part of the perfection of the journey.  It is always part of the ever-lasting invitation, “Will you choose love now?”  A loving conversation and divine message by the master facilitator, the Holy Spirit, reminding us that only love is real.

Swim on.  Namaste.

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