A Course in Miracles: 8. What is the Real World?

8.  What is the Real World?

There is only One World, however at this point in the journey we have reached a stage of reckoning the Real World and the real world.  The real world is the one we created:  an outer existence of madness, chaos, and fear.  It is one where we believe time exists and where death is imminent.

The Real World is the correction for what we have insanely made.  It lies within, beyond, and around this world of suffering and fear.  It does not take a mind trick or an exercise in imagery to see the holiness that exists around us.  All one must do is witness the holiness within and then look with the heart to world with out, witnessing Heaven on earth.

The Real World may still “look” like the real world but when gazed upon with holy eyes, it is seen as a place of peace and perfection.  This is the world we will look upon in the coming lessons.  We will come to know that which is Real, but not with the eyes of the body but rather with the heart.

“The real world shows a world seen differently, through quiet eyes and with a mind at peace.  Nothing but rest is there.  There are no cries of pain and sorrow heard, for nothing there remains outside forgiveness”  (ACIM Part II 8.  What is the Real World? 2:2-4).

We see a world forgiven because we know of our own salvation.  We can look out and see a world that is unfolding perfectly in conjunction with God’s plan, even as crazy as it may seem sometimes.  It need not be fixed or saved because salvation has already occurred.  Now is simply the moment of realization and seeing two worlds as One.

“The world it sees arises from a mind at peace within itself.  No danger lurks in anything it sees, for it is kind, and only kindness does it look upon” (ACIM Part II 8.  What is the Real World? 3:4-5).

We have awakened from our slumber, and our living existence is the call to our brothers and sisters that our Home awaits.  We walk this earth as Children of God, letting our Lights shine as a beacon for the Real World.  In our presence, time looses its purpose and grip on the world, as we abide in a peace and calm that pervades any earthly task or goal.  We are the walking atonement and attainment.

“The real world is the symbol that the dream of sin and guilt is over, and God’s Son no longer sleeps.  His waking eyes perceive the sure reflection of his Father’s Love; the certain promise that he is redeemed.  The real world signifies the end of time, for its perception makes time purposeless” (ACIM Part II 8. What is the Real World? 4:1-3).

In today’s introduction, we are welcomed with the idea that as we Walk in Miracles, it is God, Herself, that takes the final step for us.  The Holy Spirit has guided us along to the place where, at last, God takes our hands and leads us the rest of the way.  We are that precious to Her that She steps forward and congratulates us on our journey Home.  It is the return of the Prodigal Pilgrim.

“The Holy Spirit has no need of time when it has served His purpose.  Now He waits but that one instant more for God to take His final step, and leaving but the truth to be itself.  That instant is our goal, for it contains the memory of God” (ACIM Part II 8. What is the Real World? 5:1-3).

As we witness the Real World, we open up the path for God to take that final step.  She has waited patiently for us to redeem our holy sight.  In the coming lessons, let us gift this Sacred Sight of the Real World to ourselves, to our brothers and sisters, and to our Creator.  Namaste.


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