A Course in Miracles: Lesson 292

Lesson 292

A happy outcome to all things is sure.

“We thank You, Father, for Your guarantee of only happy outcomes in the end.  Help us not interfere, and so delay the happy endings You have promised us for every problem that we can perceive; for every trial we think we still must meet” (ACIM Lesson 292 2:1-2).

Everything is always working out for the greater good of all.  Everything is always okay in the end.  Somehow things just seem to magically work out, don’t they?  Take a moment and reflect over your life.  Hasn’t everything always seemed to work itself out?  We stress out over every bump and curve in life.  We even worry over the happy moments too, wondering when they are going to end and when the trials shall return.  We constantly live by the adage, “It’s too good to be true.”  Joy, love, happiness, peace, etc., all seem too good to be true and too good to last.  Yet, as God would tell us, and the Holy Spirit would teach us, that a happy outcome is assured in all things.  This is why everything always turns out okay.  However, the key is not getting overwhelmed with every detail in between now and then with the various thoughts, feelings, and jolts that may arise.  By abiding in the Heart space within we are unchangeable in sunshine and in any storm.

“Yet it is up to us when this is reached; how long we let an alien will appear to be opposing His.  And while we think this will is real, we will not find the end He has appointed as the outcome of all problems we perceive, all trials we see, and every situation that we meet.  Yet is the ending certain” (ACIM Lesson 292 1:5).

Often the question we want to know is, “How to do I get from here, my current not-so-great situation, to there, our guaranteed joy?  It is knowing that there is not getting from here to there.  It is experiencing that there is here right now.  We determine when we get to there.  Now or later?  It all comes down to the miracle, our shift in perception.  Regardless of how a situation looks or feels, we can choose to stand in our knowing that everything is always working out for the highest good of all.  We can witness the Real World in the real world, observing that any particular moment is just a snap shot:  a rain drop falling in mid-air, the basketball rising in slow motion as it reaches the rim of the goal, a single stride amongst a myriad of steps on a journey.  God is asking us to take a step back from the minutia to look at the entire landscape of Heaven that is around us.  Not just looking at a single pixel of a digital picture but seeing its beauty in entirety

Today is a good time to ask ourselves, where in my life do I think things will not turn out okay?  Where do we still believe in our demise over our Divinity?  This is simply choosing the Real World over the real world.  Rest in the truth that nothing is too good to be true.  Enjoy the rollercoaster of life, the excitement and the view, and come to trust in what has been proven to you over and over again, “A happy outcome to all things is sure” (ACIM Lesson 292).  No longer question this is so but live it.  That, Dear One, is the miracle of the Real World.  Namaste.


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