A Course in Miracles: Lesson 295

Lesson 295

The Holy Spirit looks through me today.

“My Father, Christ has asked a gift of me, and one I give that it be given me.  Help me to use the eyes of Christ today, and thus allow the Holy Spirit’s Love to bless all things which I may look upon, that His forgiving Love may rest on me” (ACIM Lesson 295 2:1-2).

Today, we are being asked if we can be shown a world redeemed.  We are not being asked if our pencil can be borrowed, or our cell phone, or our car.  Nothing is being taken from us.  We are being asked if something can be given us by use of our eyes, experiencing the sight of Christ.  Simply, we are asked if we can be given Holy Vision, which merely comes from the peace within, our inner calm.

We rest in allowing the Holy Spirit to move through us, as She whispers in our ears to trust Her, as she shows us a world of love.  She desires us to see ourselves, and the world, as God sees us, in our holy perfection.  There is no more correct way to see the world than with the eyes of Christ.  In doing so, you see the wonder and innocence of the world.  You see how what the world madly hungers for is God, and with this realization, forgiveness flows, as you witness God seeking God in mysteriously funny ways, turning what was once madness into holy forgiveness and understanding.  You come to look upon the world with the gift the Holy Spirit, an inner calm, as Love looks upon Love, restoring Christ’s vision.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through Holy Vision today.  See how there is only love, only love, only love, when you embrace the reflection of your inner calm and knowing as the Real World you see.  Namaste.


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