A Course in Miracles: Lesson 299

Lesson 299

Eternal holiness abides in me.

“Father, my holiness is not of me.  It is not mind to be destroyed by sin.  It is not mine to suffer from attack.  Illusions can obscure it, but can not put out its radiance, nor dim its light.  It stands forever perfect and untouched.  In it are all things healed, for they remain as You created them.  And I can know my holiness.  For Holiness Itself created me, and I can know my Source because it is Your Will that You be known” (ACIM Lesson 299 2:1-8).

There is a part of you that understands, and already lives as, today’s statement.  It is so close, as It Is What You Are, yet at the same time it is far beyond the human mind and its imagination, for something so pure and whole cannot be learned but Realized.  Throughout our walk together we have stood atop the wilderness of our inner and outer landscapes to touch upon what we will experience today, our wholeness and our holiness.

“My holiness is far beyond my own ability to understand or know” (ACIM Lesson 299 1:1).

Your holiness abides in you, as you.  You are It.  It is You.  That place of pure peace and stillness is the eternal twin flame you share with your Creator.  It is a holiness that goes beyond any words, that is why it is something that can only be understood as it is felt.

Imagine you are standing on top of a mountain.  You gaze out at eye level and look upon Mother Earth.  There is nothing to impede your view.  It is just you, sky, land, and the sun.  The sun…a ball of eternal warmth and heat, a star that knows the exact distance to maintain so as not to destroy us with extreme cold or warmth, and a star that in its brilliance, mirrors ours.

As you stand above the wilderness, imagine your heart is facing the sun.  You feel free, expansive, and comfortably vulnerable.  In particular, you feel safe.  The sun warms you just enough where you are not too hot or too cold.  There is a slight breeze in the air that whispers of your freedom and it touches the skin so softly that you are unsure where the wind begins and where you end.  You feel so liberated and known that you could levitate off Mother Earth and hover above, held in open space.  Everything about your experience is peaceful, calming, and true.  It cannot be disrupted.  It cannot be changed.  It cannot be touched.  It is wholly perfect. This is the holiness that abides in you always and it is this experience that want to unlock today.

Abiding in your holiness makes your true essence impermeable to the wilderness of your outer world.  So much so that another’s journey or words do not impede on your holy state.  Your inner sanctuary recognizes her place in the Cosmos and remembers the Will in which she is a part of forever.  In this, do we go beyond our understanding to what is Real.  We take no special steps.  Say no magic words.  Simply, we remember and live as we know our Truth and Holiness to be.  We come to live as we were created to be.

Many blessings to you as you abide in the Reality of your holiness.  Enjoy this sacred inner sanctum that is yours forever and ever.  Amen.



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