A Course in Miracles: Lesson 307

Lesson 307

Conflicting wishes cannot be my will.

“Father, Your Will is mine, and only that.  There is no other will for me to have.  Let me not try to make another will, for it is senseless and will cause me pain.  Your Will alone can bring me happiness, and only Yours exists.  If I would have what only You can give, I must accept Your Will for me, and enter into peace where conflict is impossible.  Your Son is one with You in being and in will, and nothing contradicts the holy truth that I remain as You created me” (ACIM Lesson 307 1:1-5).

In God there is no conflict or question.  Only Christ is of certainty:  certainty in Her action, word, and deeds.  Conflict is of a confused mind that is still lured by the idea of illusion.  In conflict, does the desire for this world and its chaos continue to bloom.

In the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, there is a wonderful quote from actor Fred Ward, who places father Earl Smooter to Reese Witherspoon’s character, Melanie, as he advises his daughter through a relationship dilemma:

“You can’t ride two horses with one ass, sugar bean.”

Wise words, and if you think it and try to picture it, it ought to give you quite a laugh.  Trying to ride two horses with one ass???  Crazy.  But although we may not attempt this physically (or maybe some of us do), this is the fence we ride when abide in a confusion between God’s Will and the world we have created.  It is impossible to serve the Will of God and serve the will of ego.  As we have said before, “You can’t leave the little pinky out of Heaven.”  It is about going all in!  Thus, today, do we recognize where were still trying to serve God and god.  Those are our two horses.  But the one soul, eventually, must choose only One Way.  This is the rise of the Second Coming and the opportunity that awaits humanity’s ascension.

The scale will eventually be tipped in favor of God’s Will, this we are assured.  It is merely just a matter of when.  And that, dear ones, is up to us to decide.  Shall when be NOW?  Or later?  One God, One Soul, One Way, United.  Namaste.


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