A Course in Miracles: Lesson 315

Lesson 315

All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

“I thank You, Father, for the many gifts that come to me today and every day from every Son of God.  My brothers are unlimited in all their gifts to me.  Now may I offer them my thankfulness, that gratitude to them may lead me on to my Creator and His memory” (ACIM Lesson 315 2:1-3).

Some of my most memorable and imprinting “God-like” moments have actually not come from my own personal experiences; rather they have come from the blessings of witnessing such experiences in those around me.  I have come to realize that nothing brings me more joy than to see another realize his or her own divinity.  I love being in the presence of another’s “Ah-Ha” moments.  Having my own experiences, I know what he or she feels like.  I know the feeling in the body.  I know the new vision that is granted with the deepening of one’s understanding.  Being a witness to such a shift in another is truly a gift given to me.  There is no other way to describe except by saying, when someone else receives a holy moment, so do I.  It is the living experience of, “What ones does, she does for us all.”  It is the power of cause and effect.  It is the power of Love.

On our Walk in Miracles, I have often reflected on my pilgrimage walking El Camino de Santiago and how it was an experience that shifted the core of my entire being.  Yet, one of the moments I hold so dear to me was my walk back to Santiago from Muxía, a town on the coast of Spain.  On the three-day walk back to Santiago, I was going against the tide of pilgrims, as most people walk to Finisterre and Muxía, to then take a bus back to Santiago.  In walking against the flow of pilgrims, I was given the ultimate gift.  From a distance, I would see pilgrims coming and I could see the Light that was leading them.  I could witness the bounce in their step.  I could witness the joy that surround their aura.  And when we got closer to one another, I could see the magnificent sparkle in the pilgrim’s eyes.  It was as though their entire body was bathed in a smile so bright it light up the world.  And it did, mine.

When the pilgrims and I passed one another, we then had the opportunity to talk for a moment.  It was in those pauses that I heard such beautiful stories of awakening: ones that I had seen coming a few steps back, but were, then and there, being translated into words for my human mind to understand.  These exchanges were not long but were extremely lasting and powerful.  I didn’t need a lot of time to know that Christ was before me and was showering me with Her gifts.  To me, that was the ultimate gift of El Camino de Santiago and it is the gift of life and sharing this life with my fellow brothers and sisters.

I often go out and give free hugs.  I should probably change that to saying, “I go out and receive the gift of hugs, and so much more,” as when I do, I am always overcome with how much love is in the world.  If I drew a longitude and latitudinal line from where I am standing all the way around the globe, I would find more love along that line that fear.  I know there are atrocities in this world but if you look at the world as a whole, you will notice that those moments would be just a little bump the pencil would have to come across as the lines around the globe were being drawn.  Love wins, always!  It is winning!  And it has already won!  The only way I know this is because I reflect on the gifts that my fellow brothers and sisters give to me, for example when I receive the gift of a hug.  They don’t even have to be aware of it but I can see that they are choosing Love, that they desire more Love, and that they are becoming more and more awake to Love, as the momentum for the ascension of humanity grows in this interesting time period of history.  My brothers and sisters assure me through their smiles, actions, words, embraces, stories, and looks in their eyes, that Oneness is inevitable.  Yes, it is a gift that I can give to myself, but witnessing it in others is a whole other added dimension to this holy offering we call life.

I am ever grateful to my brothers and sisters.  I am inspired by the resilience of the One Heart we all share and our innate knowing it is there we will all return.  Truly, what we all share in is the idea that, “There must be more.”  And in that search do we inspire one another and help one another remember.  Moments when I forget, it is the gift of witnessing another remember their divinity that calls me back Home.  My journey could not be without that of my brothers and sisters.  Thus, today, let us give thanks for all the teachers that surround us.  Really listen to what those around you are saying and doing.  If they are calling out for love, give love.  If they are extending love, receive this beautiful gift.

I honor you, who reads these words, and the steps you have taken.  You have taken them for us all.  You truly make a difference in this world.  You make it that much brighter because of the presence of your remembrance.  I am ever grateful for You and the gifts you have given me.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Thank You.  Namaste.


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